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2015-12-10 20:10

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What is a custom recovery?

Most android phones come out of the boxwith a stock recovery, it is used to factory reset your device, or install thefactory operating system should something go horribly wrong with an OTA . Acustom recovery, is a recovery designed by an individual (or teams ofindividuals), that are not the OEM's, that is designed with special featuresbaked in. For example I'm a TWRP fan (team win recovery project), other peopleswear by CWM (clock work mod), but most recovery's have the same basefeatures,you can take full system backups, (when I say full I mean the entiresystem,user data, boot image, etc.). So say something goes horribly wrong, anda rouge root application crashes your system, and you can't get the device toboot,what do you do?, You boot into your custom recovery (usually a hardwarekey combination), erase the primary corrupted system, then proceed to restorethe system with the previously created backup image. Its always a good idea tohave at least one recent backup on your device if you are running customsoftware of any kind. Custom recoveries can also install custom software/mods,by by passing the signature verification of stock recoveries. Some also haveroot file explores built in. These are also device specific.

What is a custom kernel?
A custom kernel, is a kernel that, like a custom ROM, or recovery, is developedby someone other than the OEM of the device. Custom kernels will usually grantthe user hardware specific settings such as, but not limited to, frequencycontrol for the GPU, and CPU,control over minum/maximum brightness values, fullRGB color correction, custom touchscreen software, and some hardware specificfeatures, such as double tap to wake, and sweep to sleep. Also things like USB OTGY, host mode charging,and USB DAC sound, would all be examples of custom kernelfeatures. Like ROM's,and recoveries, kernel's are device specific.