Whether MEIZU should add in their devices - infrared remote control?



2016-04-03 11:22

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Whether MEIZU should add in their devices - infrared remote control?

   What's your opinion on this issue?  Whether  MEIZU to add in their devices infrared remote control. How many devices have in our house? Can you distinguish one from the others in one second? A pre-installed app on the device have stored the data of over 3,000 popular TVs, fridges, air-conditioners and other home appliances. In pace of numerous remote controllers, so what we will be the control center of your home with our MEIZU devices.
   Are you  need required from MEIZU  inside the phone have a built with infrared emitter, and will develop application or using some famous app that will work seamlessly.
infrared1.jpg LG-G3-Remote-620x465.jpg

   There is infrared remote control has almost every phone manufactured from china and outside China a more famous someone less known brand.
   Are you  need necessary to be implemented this in the next models of MEIZU in cooperation with Flyme OS.
   It's in UMI, Elephone, Ulefone, LeTv, Xiaomi, LG and many more models.

    If you are about implementing this you can give your support to this suggestion on the link http://forum.flymeos.com... ...1-1-1.html

  What's your opinion on this issue?

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