(Tutorial) MEIZU BOOT SCREEN ERROR.(Flyme Logo Stuck)



2017-05-28 21:45

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Step 1- By now you wont be booting in your device and you will be seeing the Fyme OS logo spinning forever in the boot screen. Dont panic, being an android user you will encounter this error frequently. This is generally called a bricking your phone. Congrats you have bricked your phone. This is a soft brick which can be solved easily.

Step 2- In the case of Meizu devices, you cannot power the device off once got in a soft brick. So first thing you do is to power up the phone.

From the loading screen

Press and hold the volume down and power button until the screen goes black. The phone is being restarted. Keep pressing the volume down and power button until you see the Meizu logo. When you see the Meizu logo release the power button. This will take you to the Meizu recovery mode.

Step 3- Plug the device to charge, flashing the device with a new ROM without power may lead to a hard brick as interruptions during flashing ROM can seriously ruin the hardware.

Step 4- Go to Meizu official site and download your device firmware in your laptop or PC. Once downloaded, connect the device with PC. Recovery partition will pop up.

Step 5- Like usual when you connect the device is connected to the laptop or PC, you can open the device but this time you will see an empty partition named recovery.

Step 6- Now copy the downloaded firmware of your phone and place it in the recovery partition. Just copy update.zip to recovery partition.

Step 7- Now in the phone select update firmware and clear data and press next.

That's it. the phone will reboot and install the firmware. Please not that flashing is a complicated process and while flashing a new firmware you should be careful and patient. The flashing process will take some time.

That's It....

              Thank You.