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2015-12-10 20:05

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root Definition

Root privileges allow the user to modify system files. This includes, adding/removing/changing any file,adding/removing/changing directories, and changing file permissions. On android(or most other"mobile OS"), this is not usually possible in the stocksoftware state. Root permissions on android, are usually acquired by"copying"the permissions of an essential system application, thenapplying those permissions to the application of your choice. This means thatif you grant"root" to an application, it will have all permissionspossible in your system. For the sake of the simplicity of this guide, you cancompare it to administrative privileges in windows. Anyone with experience witha Linux distribution should feel at home with the concept.

Why do I want to root my android phone?

The reason people root there androiddevices varies widely depending on the user. For some its the ability to writeapplication data to the SD card, another may want to enable a WiFi hotspot on aphone that didn't come with the software capability, but has the supportedhardware. Some of the more common things are simple UI mods such as centeringyou status bar clock,or changing the color of your battery indicator, all theway down to full blown theme's.

Are there any risk's involved withrooting my android phone?

Yes, anyone who tells you otherwise is aliar. Modifying system files on any operating system is dangerous to varying degrees (usually directly related to the knowledge the individual has of whatexactly they are modifying). Root privileges on android does not only carry therisk of damaging your system thru modification's, but also a security risk.This is why most oneclick root tools come with there own permission manager. Itis also good general procedure to keep adb debugging enabled, to keep open thebridge between your PC, and android device, should you need to push or pullfiles, add or remove directories, change file permissions, etc., while yourdevice is on the operating table. Leaving adb debugging on comes with its own security disadvantagesas well, not only in situations of rogue/maliciousapplications, but insituations of physical security attacks.

Will rooting my android phone void my warranty?

Yes, it probably will, but in a lot of situations you will be able to install the software that came with the phone,with no traces that anything has been done to the system. This is not true for all devices though,and I suggest you cheek out your devices forum on xda formore information regarding your devices specific warranty, and factory restore options.