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2017-05-17 16:28

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Browser – New Feature.

Mobile web browser is the most important app on any device. We use it for browsing, search online, read news, shop online and many more things. Having the right features and performance while browsing the web can literally change yourentire experience. Keeping this in mind Flyme has developed it’s own native browser.

Lastweek KK explained the Browser’s Quick Link feature; today I will talk about howwe get you news from all across the global ranging from business, politics to sports and entertainment all inside your browser.

We all seek news in some point of our day to keep our self abreast about what’s happening around our world. We know you well, thus we have integrated with thecontent provider so that you can read the news directly from the browser. You don’t need any third party news app and can save up some phone memory space.

Lets deep drive into the Browser news feature:

Once you open the bowser you will find news, which is totally customized based on your interest:
ForYou” Personalization
As you can see above each section based on your region will show you the current and latest news feeds.
You can select your region from the settings tab:

Try out this feature & tell us if it was usefull and if you have any more feeback or suggestion for the same.