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2017-05-04 18:02

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Browser as one of the most frequently-used apps in everyone's daily life takes lots of responsibilities: it should be fast, handy, and informative. However, system Browser is an app which is often significantly overlooked by the users. Instead, users tend to use third-party browsers such as Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and etc. On one hand, it's because system Browser strikes users with the impression of single-functioned and boring; on the other hand, third-party browser apps are getting better and more attractive.
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But this situation is about to be changed on Flyme Browser! In Flyme 6's browser, we have multiple cool features. And today, we are going to show one of the features: quick links.

By tapping the house icon on the bottom bar, you can see the homepage of the Browser, on which a lot of website thumbnails are displayed. These are quick links for users' convenient usage. And the quick links are diversified based on the user's location, which means it will show the most popular sites in your selected country/region. (Want different quick links? Try changing your location in Settings > Language & time > Region).

For example, below are the quick link pages for India (left) and Russia (right).

So from today, try out the Flyme Browser to explore what's trending in your region! See you next time!