Flyme 6 with Android 5.1 Vs MIUI 8 with Android 6.0.1



2017-05-03 20:39

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      Hello guyz! I'm here to clear a doubt that many of us have, "MIUI or FLYME" which is better?  and most of us think that miui is better than Flyme because miui give update's frequently. so to clear the doubt, I'm comparing miui 8 with android 6 on redmi note 3 and Flyme 6 with android 5.1 on meizu m2 note,here some screenshots that shows both the phone's are up-to-date with their current android version and some other details. S70425-144832(1).jpg S70502-034655.jpg                    I'm comparing note 3 and m2 note because both were released in the same year and both the phone's have almost same specification. here's the link of note 3 ( ... 16gb-dual-sim-gold/ ). here's the link of meizu m2 note ( ). In case you have doubts you can visit the link and view the specification's of both of the the phone's and those are official site so there is no chance of wrong information.
    now let's have a look at the both phone from front and back, look's, design and attraction. DSC06447.JPG DSC06444.JPG DSC06443.JPG DSC06439.JPG DSC06426.JPG
    Being honest the back view of note 3 look's good but the text in the back ( detailing of self declaration) make it little odd and unfit in a manner, the lock screen look's good in m2 note because of the bolder font, brightness and contrast. the m-back (touch and button ) attracts more and look's great than the old fashioned UI touch (touch)  
   You can compare the hardware and software on any site, but the only thing that you can't checkout/compare until you use it is all the animations, fonts, performance, icons, the style of functioning and animations that each and every app has it's own and differs from other phone's. All this together makes your phone odd and best, the Android version. It just make your phone a little better than its previous version. now not wasting your time, let's jump to the phone's animations, icons, fonts and design and let's compare it by using some screenshots and notes. The picture numbering 1 is of note 3 and the picture numbering 2 is of the m2 note, 1. 2. S70430-104500.jpg   1. 2. S70430-104515.jpg   1. Screenshot_2017-04-30-10-36-33-219_com.miui.home.png   2. S70430-111809.jpg 1. Screenshot_2017-04-30-11-14-46-965_com.miui.home.png  2. S70430-111452.jpg    1.   2. S70503-115742.jpg   1.   2. S70503-115815.jpg   1.  1.[size=39.6889px]   1.   2. S70502-091819.jpg   1.   2. S70502-091824.jpg   1.   2. S70430-111628.jpg   1.   2. S70430-111553.jpg   1. Screenshot_2017-05-02-08-50-46-585_com.miui.calculator.png   1. Screenshot_2017-05-02-08-50-43-066_com.miui.calculator.png   2. S70502-091735.jpg   1. Screenshot_2017-05-02-08-50-34-345_com.miui.calculator.png   2. S70502-091756.jpg 1.   2. S70502-091641.jpg   1.    2. S70502-091631.jpg   1.   [size=51.5333px]2. S70502-091618.jpg   1.    [size=39.6889px] [size=39.6889px] 2. S70502-091613.jpg   1.   2. S70502-091714.jpg   1. Screenshot_2017-05-02-08-54-45-898_com.miui.securitycenter.png   2. S70502-091259.jpg    2. S70502-091226.jpg The best thing about this app is that you can't find anything like this app in note 3 and through this app you can easily send/get app, file, and other things from/to a new/old phone. 1. Screenshot_2017-05-03-17-10-20-416_com.miui.weather2.png  2. S70430-113552(1).jpg 1. Screenshot_2017-05-03-17-10-24-937_com.miui.weather2.png    2[size=39.6889px]. S70430-113522(1).jpg   1.   2. S70430-112911.jpg   1.   2. S70430-112253.jpg   1.   2. S70430-112812.jpg   1. IMG_20170503_174549.jpg   2. P70503-174754.jpg   2. S70503-205908.jpg  As you guyz can see we have more option's in manual mode which result's in taking great pictures and we have a play store like app with features and animation edited beautifully by Flyme which looks great, which note 3 don't have any app like that. Now its time for some shirt notes.      [size=39.6889px]Notes; [size=39.6889px]1. You can't screenshot the notification in note 3 but you can in m2 note [size=51.5333px]
[size=39.6889px]2. You can't screenshot using the volume key, you can take screenshot only by using a icon in the notification tool bar or using the quick ball ( the smart ball as we meizu user's have) in note 3 but in m2 note you can take screenshot using a icon in notification or using the volume key. [size=51.5333px]
[size=39.6889px]3. Few things like the theme app with more features like font, ringtone, more wallpaper and more themes are a + point in the note 3 but we have only themes and wallpapers in m2 note. [size=51.5333px]
[size=39.6889px]4. Note 3 have good speaker and they make a little more good quality of sound and also it's little higher in becibel than m2 note [size=51.5333px]
[size=39.6889px]5. Note 3 can run to different account (1). Normal mode with or without password (2). Second space without password but m2 note can run 4. (1). Normal mode with or without password, (2). Guest mode with or without password, (3). Privacy mode with password, (4) kid's space /mode without password.
[size=39.6889px]6. Note 3 has low brightness and contrast and it also lack the rich colour we get In m2 note [size=51.5333px]
[size=39.6889px]7. We get rich and bolder font which makes the m2 note more attractive.

[size=39.6889px]8. Meizu phone's are stronger than redmi, my phone has fallen several time (meizu m2 note)  but a very minute damage are there. But the redmi note 3 is not much stronger you can see a damage caused in the back panel made during a small accident.
[size=39.6889px]     Now you guyz decide which phone and which OS wins, the redmi note 3 with Android 6.0.1 and MIUI 8 or the meizu m2 note with Android 5.1 and FLYME 6. And hit the like button at the end of the thread if you guyz like and found this thread good. Thanks for viewing and please share your views and thoughts realating this thread.[size=39.6889px] [size=39.6889px] [size=39.6889px] [size=39.6889px] [size=39.6889px] [size=39.6889px] [size=39.6889px] [size=39.6889px] [size=39.6889px]