How to Downgrade or Change Flyme (M version only)[Video]



2017-03-21 00:51

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Tool Require
                1.SuperSU (For su permission)
                2.Terminal Emulator (For sh scr ipt files.)                3.Download Any Firmwork.

1.You need to sign in to Flyme account.
                Don't have Flyme account? Sign up.
2.Root your Meizu phone
                Go to Settings>Fingerprints & security>Root permission. It will start reboot automatically.
3.Download Firmware and files and place them into directory of internal storage.
4.Install SuperSU and Terminal Emulator.
5.Type these commands in Terminal Emulator:


   When # appears Type these:

cd sdcard

   It will start reboot into recovery mode automatically.
6.Reboot your Meizu phone.

7.When in recovery mode, Select System upgrade and Clear data and press start.
8.Wait for it reboot and Done!

You can also watch tutorial in video link given below