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2016-02-17 14:47

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Flyme OS is designed as simple and easy use, thus some small functions can't be noticed very well, let's discover these some functions here, you may find they are useful for your daily life:

1. Power on/off your device in a scheduled time

Go to Accessibility-Scheduled on and off, they set the power on and off time like an alarm, this function will help you power off your device without being disturb by phone calls, and it saves your battery life.

Snip20160217_17.png Snip20160217_18.png Snip20160217_19.png
2. Send SMS in a scheduled time

Want to send an SMS in a specific time but afraid you will forget it? Try this Function when you edit an SMS:

Snip20160217_20.png Snip20160217_21.png

3. Record your phone calls

There's a recorder in the phone call panel, use it when there's an important phone call!


4. Zoom in/out pictures with single hand

Open an picture, double click it and hold your finger, slide your finger up or down, you can zoom in/out the picture (this logic is also worked while zooming PC Edition webpages, by using the Flyme's default browser)

5. Reset your edited picture

Maybe you will use the picture editor in the Gallery, but what if you want to reset it after you save the modifications? Open your saved picture again, you will see "Reset" on the edit panel's top, click it and you can reset the picture.

Snip20160217_23.png Snip20160217_24.png

6. Set a timer for your music player

Wanna listen music for 20 mins before you go to sleep?  Open you music app, go to the playing panel, click the button on the top right, then select the timer

Snip20160217_25.png Snip20160217_26.png

7. Backup your mobile data in your local storage

Go to Setting - About phone - Storage - Backup data of phone, you can back Contacts, SMS, MMS, Call logs, Calendar, System setting, Apps and Album to your local storage.

Snip20160217_27.png Snip20160217_28.png Snip20160217_29.png

8. Set your Album's cover

Long press in the Album area, select one picture to be the cover

Snip20160217_30.png Snip20160217_31.png
Flyme tips: Small functions that you may not know (2)
Flyme tips: Small functions that you may not know (3)
Flyme tips: Small functions that you may not know (4)

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