Flyme Camera: No “Pixel war” but “Secret weapon”



2016-02-15 18:45

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The concept “Higher pixels stands for better camera” is accepted by many users as mobile manufacturers promoted camera quality with pixels, though it’s somehow misleading.

“In the past 2 years, we were chasing high pixels for our products, like MX5; but it also brought some negative matters: the picture’s capacity is big and it cause lag feeling when the gallery app isrunning, high pixels cause lower saving speed, and it increase the possibility of blurred images ” , said Wang Wenxi, the Senior Multi-media Manager of Meizu.


Thus, Flyme Camera will focus more on software optimizing instead of high pixels. For example, the optimization of 3A algorithm and software accessibility will ensure image quality and enhance user experience. And the “Secret Weapon”: Flyme’s 3A Algorithm, will bring break-through point for Flyme camera.

The “Secret Weapon”: Flyme’s 3A Algorithm

3A stands for: AE (Auto Exposure), AF (AutoFocus)  and AWB (Auto White Balance).Good 3A Algorithm can realize maximum image contrast, improve the condition ofover exposure or under exposure, improve chromatic aberration compensation and deliver high quality images. Meizu is developing its own Flyme 3A Algorithmsince 1 year ago, while other mobile manufacturers are using the default 3A algorithm of Qualcom, Samsung and MTK.


“Why we choose to use our own 3A algorithm? Because we think there’re too many limitations with the mentioned default algorithms, and hard to make differences among other mobile manufacturers. Wecan make unique optimizations and adjustments with our hardware by using ourown 3A algorithm, and we can control the whole adjusting process.”

And look through the whole industry, it’srare to see mobile manufacturers  develop their own 3A algorithm, because of the manpower limitation: it’s hard to hire excellent 3A algorithm engineers. Wang Wenxi is confident with the 3A algorithm engineer team, as they are well experienced, and developed algorithms for otherplatforms like Samsung, they are seen as the authorities in 3A algorithm area.

Currently, most of Meizu devices are usingthe default algorithm of the other platforms, it will gradually change to Flyme’s3A Algorithm, first change the AF algorithm, then the AE algorithm, last will implementFlyme’s 3A Algorithm in all Meizu devices. PRO5 will likely the 1st device adopt Flyme’s 3A Algorithm.

About user’s feedback

We care about users feedback, like the matter of low light effect, we have came out a solution: in one hand, we use multi-frame to adjust the light and detail, to enhance night mode shooting; in the other hand, we optimized shooting process, add special algorithm toincrease shooting speed and success rate.

And more, you can find detail like there’s blue lighton MX5 camera,  it's because we add a Blue film plating on the camera, it’s beautify and have better filtering.


The future plan

Now the Flyme Camera Team is focus onsoftware optimizing and deliver better picture shooting experience, maybe you won’t see plenty new functions add like the time when Flyme 5 launched, butfunctions like optical image stabilization will probably add in the futureproducts.

For some mobile models which with dual-camera,Wang Wenxi thinks that it’s not enough on aspects like function, power saving and image quality, but as technology is improving, dual or even triangular camera will possibly become the trend, Flyme Camera will keep following andadopt it when the time is right.

Quiting “Pixel war”and focusing on softwareoptimizing and user experience, keep following technology trend and be objective, it’s the sign for Flyme Camera to become mature, and make overthrough, let’s see it’s future performance.