[Pun for Fun] What will be your resolution for 2017



2017-01-06 23:06

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As we step into this New year and say Goodbye to the old year, we make a lot of new resolutions and most probably break them or forget about them very soon too. But, we are not talking about those kind of New Year resolutions in this thread.

As you all know smartphones come with different kind of screen resolutions. While most modern day smartphones come with atleast a 1080p Full HD screen resolution, there might still be a few out there who even today might be using a phone with just a 720p HD resolution. There are others who prefer a 2K screen as these offer better resolution while viewing VR contents.


Each of these screen resolutions come with their own set of Pros and Cons like a 720p offers better battery performance and more on screen time compared to higher screen resolutions while it may offer a poor experience while viewing VR contents. Similarly a 2K screen offers the best VR experience but might drain your battery much quicker. A 1080p Full HD screen offers a better balance between the 2 and provides a good battery backup while offering a decent VR viewing experience. The screen resolution choices of each individual may differ depending on their preferences.

So do you play to buy a new smartphone this year. If so then, What will be your (screen) resolution for 2017. Would you prefer a HD, Full HD, 2K or 4K resolution while buying your next phone.

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