[Design Comparison] Flyme 6 vs Flyme 5 vs Flyme 4



2016-12-21 00:25

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Edited by Abaggie at 2017-01-04 01:06

Not long ago Meizu introduced FlymeOS 6 with new features, improvements and various changes. In this topic we will specifically look at the changes design-wise. This side-by-side comparison shows you the most obvious visual changes. Bellow you'll find a few screenshots which show some of the differences. Please note: there are more changes in Flyme 6 than shown below.

(left) Flyme 6 - (middle) Flyme 5 - (right) Flyme 4

Lockscreen.jpg homescreen.jpg dropdown.jpg dropdown2.jpg multitasking.jpg settings.jpg fileexplorer.jpg dialer.jpg clock.jpg stopwatch.jpg timer.jpg lockscreenmusic.jpg messages.jpg browser.jpg camera.jpg camera2.jpg camera3.jpg calc.jpg calc2.jpg security.jpg musicplayer.jpg