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2016-12-16 20:08

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Before i start my story, i would like to congratulate Flyme Forum family for the #1st Anniversary. I request the readers to read it till the end as it may go too long.

I Lost My Best Friend

Way back in february this year, i lost my phone in a bus and believe me when i checked my pocket, did not found it, checked the whole bus, asked nearby people and realized that it got stolen, that feeling was so sick. The phone was "Infocus M2" , a revolutionary 5k budget smartphone and truly i was in love with it.

Long 2 Months Without Any Phone

I did not wanted to bother my parents for buying me new phone as they did not had enough money. I was doing winter internship and was getting 8K stipend per 2 months so i decided to wait 2 months before buying my new phone. Those 2 months seemed more than 60 days actually.

The Wait Was Over But  Which Phone Should I Buy

Finally the wait was over and i had the budget of 8K to buy a new smartphone with following requirements:-
* Good Camera
* Good battery life
* 4 g
* Atleast 2GB ram
* Good Display

So i started searching the web for best smartphone in 8K range. I follow these steps always before buying a new phone :-
1. Make a list of all smartphones in budget range.
2. Check for company backgroud on wikipedia if found new.
3. Choose top 5 as per thier specifications
4. Look for thier reviews on Amazon, Snapdeal & Flipkart (if available)
5. Watch youtube  videos (review, unbowing, first look etc)

So following these steps i finally had the choice between these 5 phones:-
* Meizu M2
* Redmi Note 3 (2 GB Version : was +1K more than my budget i could manage that)
* Lenovo Vibe K5
* Coolpad Note 3 Lite
* Honor Holly 2 Plus

By lot of thinking i finally choosed Meizu M2 because it was the clear winner in every field. Most credit goes to this youtube channel Sharmaji Technical.

That time when anybody asked me for best smartphone in 8K price range, i insisted them for Meizu M2.
I ordered it from Snapdeal and best part was that it was delivered next day i ordered it. I will make another thread for its review soon.

An Invititation From Meizu But With A Twist

I was more than happy with my Meizu M2 and i started following "Meizu India" Facebook page and joined "Flyme Forums" for daily updates. I took part in a contest to get invitations of inauguration of Meizu's first ever "Experience Service Center" in India on 28th May. I still remember, i got a call followed by an email for invitation on 27th May morning. I was so excited and happy until i realized that i had a very important exam of my life on 28th May but on the same time did not wanted to miss that opportunity. So i asked if i could reach 30 minutes later and the caller said "Yes".






Now the problem was that my exam timing was 9:30 to 12:30 and i had to study for that and had to figure out how to reach their on time because i was travelling that side of the City for the first time.




Due to which i could not concentrate that much on my exam preparation i supposed to be. Somehow i managed to prepare as much i can so that atleast i would not get failed.

Then i tried to get directions through google map and i found that the venue was 60 Kilometers and 2 hours away from  my exam center and that too by Personal Vehicle but i had college bus facility for my college so i had to reach venue by public transportation means which would take 3 hours atleast. So i decided to try to complete my exam before 1 hour or 30 minutes.   

Most Imortant Day And The Hardwork Awaits

I knew that i had to do lot of hardwork to succeed in both (to atleast pass the exam and reach the venue on time). When i saw the question paper, i was confident that "yeah, i can do this". I tried to complete the examination before 3 hours but i only managed to save 10 minutes. Without wasting much time , i hurried to take first transport vehicle from the college exit gate. I can summarize my journey to venue as follows:-

1. College to Location A  via Three Vehicler.
2. Location A to Location B via Bus.
3. Location B to Location C via Bus
4. Location C to Location D via Metro Train.
5. Location D to Venue via Auto.

Finally i reached the vanue at Saket at 3:15 PM. I was worried if i missed something important but it was all fine their. All the invited persons had registered at the desk and were having Meizu T-Shirts weared. I immideately registered and weared the Meizu T-Shirt. Then i was given a ball with a number written on it and i was told that i will be used for lucky draw and other games. The number was 11.

The venue was decorated so nicely and i was feeling so excited to be there and for what surprises to be followed next. Then all the invited persons were served some nice stuff to eat and drink. The Service Center was looking too awesome from outside as well as inside. I had the honor of interacting with Meizu Team from China. I did not knew their name but i want to know so i will attach some pictures below.

A ribbon cutting ceremony was acomplished by the special chief guest. Every part of the Service Center was explained. A live tear down of M3 Note was done and the lab was shown.

After some arrangements, finally came the time for the first luky draw for Meizu M3 Note. All the balls were in a transparent Meizu Box and a member from Meizu China Team randomly took a ball out  and asked us to guess who the lucky one is. Everybody were yelling "me" but when the number was revealed and the person whom the ball is asked to come and collect his phone then i feels bad at first beause i missed the opportunity to get the beauty & beast - M3 Note. Here is picture of that lucky guy :-

The Lucky Winner

The Lucky Winner

Everybody congratulated him so did i. I was thinking in mind how lucky he is and what if it was me.

Then came another opportunity to win something atleast. A presentation was played and explained by Meizu India team and some questions were asked based on that presentation. People had to raise thier hands to get a chance to answer the question. Many questions were asked and i knew answer of all so i raised everytime but did not get opportunity to answer any.
At that moment i was feeling more low and thought today is not my day perhaps. The lucky persons got EP51.

Then came yet another opportunity and this time i thought i will be fun because it was a game. All the invited people were asked to make 2 teams with 8 members each so that the game will be played between two teams and all member of winning team will get an EP51 and losing team member will get Meizu Panda. I was happy for a moment because i was in love at first sight when i saw the Panda so EP51 or Panda, i was happy to win any. But my happiness turned into "Feeling Cornered/Bullied" as many of the invited persons were friends or part of a family so they choosed their own friends or whom they know in their respective teams. But still i decided to enjoy the game rather feeling sad. The game ended, one team won, prizes were distributed. But atleast i enjoyed this time.

i was hoping for atleast one more opportuitinity to get something and it came. A huge round of lucky draws. This time we the participants had to take out a random ball out of the box and the winner then had to do the same to make a passing style lucky draw. Everytime one ball is taken out of the box, i prayed to god if it will be my number. After a lot of lucky draws when all EP1 units over , their were 2 HD50 headphones. Another lucky draw for that headphone and still no luck. I thought there will be one last lucky draw for the last unit but the headphone was for another contest that was to upload your picture from the venue on Facebook and gain maximum likes and that contest too was lately postponed to 2 day due to unavailabilty of internet facilities at that time. So it was devastating feeling. I was feeling like crying literally.

But their came a surprise. We were told that their will be a last lucky draw and we were asked to guess what it was for. All started yeling "M3 Note" and they Meizu Team said " Yes You Are Right".

So then came the last lucky draw of the day and i prayed for the last time that "Please god, it should be 11(my number)". When the ball was taken out and we were asked for the last time to guess the number, i was repeatedely saying 11, 11, 11, 11, ....in my mind and then the number was called and it was 11 . That was a feeling i can not explain. I finally had the last laugh. Below is the picture :-

Finally its me

Finally its me

I immidiately put the phone in my bag so that i could not lost it or someone could not snatch it while travelling back to my home.
In the end goddies  bag were gievn to all participants and contents were - Meizu Pen, Meizu Diary, Meizu Panda (My favourite; it is so cute)
Then all participants had some snacks and coffee by using snack coupan given when we registered. Then i came back home and during that travelling time i was thinking about how to surprise my family and friends.

That was truly one of the best days of my life. I succeeded in both - My exam and the getting atleast something.

So i bought Meizu M2 and got a competitor of Redmi Note 3. Although when i checked the phone at home, it was 2 GB ram and 16 GB storage version of M3 , still i like it too much because of its design and Flyme 5. I literally feels like i am using an iPhone. I feel proud to be part of Meizu Family and choosing Meizu over other brands. All the best to Flyme Forums Team, Beta Testing Team, Flyme Team for success of Fyme 6 and finally whole Meizu Team.

I wish i can be part of all such meetings or Delhi Flyers not to get something like last time but to enjoy and make those moments memorable.

And I am sorry if you felt bored.

Below are the pictures from the event and amazing clicks from my M3 note:-

13308508_1054032504676892_2622690010282239007_o.jpg 13340241_1054032811343528_4735777791185136492_o.jpg P60528-165101.jpg P60528-222401.jpg P60528-222506.jpg P60528-222553.jpg P60528-222553.jpg P60613-105542.jpg P60722-094248.jpg P60724-092830.jpg P61103-152835.jpg P61125-115936.jpg

Thanks You