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2016-11-26 09:34

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I am a student in university so that's good. I am working on this periode on what I am studying it's a good year for me.
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2016-11-26 11:52

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Well this year was one of my great years of my life. These are the positive points in my life i got in this year.
1. Joined a IT Company as Software Engineer Trainee.
2. Proved myself in that company that i have excellent software development skills.
3. Confirmed my JOB and became Software Engineer.
4. Appraisal of my JOB.
5. Worked on 3 Projects till date in 6-8 months time period.
6. I have everything i need now, working more hard to get good appraisal at the end of this year.
7. Side by side i worked on android development, developed an app.
Overall it was a great learning experience of my career and growth too.
This year for my Career. Thumbs up for me.

What negative thing happened is:-
Just nothing because i take my failures as learning and take it in a positive way so everything that happened was a great learning experience.

and Finally i completed 1 year as BETA tester of flyme. A great experience with meizu and flyme. Interacting with different kind of people here, the M3 Launch event, i loved everything about it.

This YEAR is a thumbs up for me.
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2016-11-26 13:09

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Edited by pajji at 2016-11-26 10:42

Hey guys,
This year has been good for me.. I was already a beta tester in the beginning of this year. THREE milestones of my life happened this year..
1. I was recruited as the beta tester and then as Group head of M3 note beta testing.
2. I got my first Motorcycle,  Apache RTR200
3. I got placed at Merchant Navy.

Overall, it was quite a good year for me

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2016-11-26 13:26

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Got lucky to attend Meizu launch event.
Completed PG.
Waiting for flyme6
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Wish me on 2nd August...


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2016-11-26 13:30

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This year is precious for me, because I got my M2 on January 5th this year. After two months I became a forum member... I have got Flyme 5 this year... I became a beta member... But unfortunately I have been kicked out from beta team.... I have got many new friends from the forum... I became a resource team member... And finally hears a good news'Flyme6'. Many new good phones from Meizu.... All these are the stories of this year....
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2016-11-26 13:53

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This year,
i'm still wait for update MX3 international version but Meizu don't care about internationals users .......
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2016-11-26 16:31

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This is the story of,
-Me and My Meizu M3 Note-
My mobile hunting actually began from 2015. I got job on 2015 January. Then i bought InFocus M2 by my own money on 10th March 2015.
My mind started to hunt for next mobile after few months. So, i sold my InFocus M2 and then started using Micromax Unite 2 as a temporary mobile. Then i was ordered another InFocus mobile on 28th Sep 2015. Which was InFocus M350. But, i didnt accepted the courier and returned it. I guess in that time Meizu M2 appeared on Snapdeal. Actually i was very well impressed with it's specification. Then on the first or 2nd day of sale(actually i dont remember) i ordered Meizu M2 Mobile on 12th Oct 2015. But, note that i am from Malappuram district in Kerala State and there was only one service center of Meizu available here. Which was located only at very far Trivandrum district. So i simply ordered Meizu M2 with only it's much impressed and unique features in that time. But, sad thing is that, my order was automatically cancelled by Snapdeal because, Meizu M2 was sold out and refund was initiated! See my bad luck. Then i ordered Yu Yuphoria mobile from Amazon. But, because of some confusions that for the price i paid is it really worthy or not, again i didnt accepted the courier and returned the mobile. After that on 28th Oct 2015 again ordered InFocus M350. But, my friend need one mobile urgently, so he accepted InFocus M350 order and gave the full amount to me instantly. Then i was waited for some other mobile entry.

Then on 31st december 2015 i ordered Coolpad Note 3 from Amazon. Accepted the order and it was like a new mobile in my hand on the eve of New Year 2016 was just started. I became confused again that for the price i paid, Coolpad Note 3 battery backup is really worthy or not. So after using Coopad Note 3 for one week i returned the mobile and full refund was initiated. Then started mobile hunting again. From January onwards i guess Coolpad started teasing a new budget mobile is coming, which was Coolpad Note 3 Lite. I ordered Coolpad Note 3 Lite black variant on 3rd March 2016. I thought it was enough for the money i paid. But, it was not! It had just 2500mAh battery and it was needed more that 3 hours time for charging from 1-100%. And it just gave me around 4-5 hours Screen On Time only. I dont think it was good. So, i started mobile hunting again for a new mobile which was able to give as per present trends of features like enough battery backup(expected more that 3000mAh), less charging time compared to the battery using time, fingerprint scanner on the front, 13mp rear camera. So got witnessed Meizu M3 Note has been arrived. A dream like mobile. Which will start sale from May Last Week onwards on Amazon. Not only because of it's unique features for the price, but also the increased service centers in India especially in Kerala too. Now Meizu have a service center near My District which was at Calicut district. Without any second thoughts, i just ordered my dream Mobile. My Meizu M3 Note on 7th June 2016.

Somehow i got witnessed that there is a sudden increase at 2 % while charging and also decrease while using M3 Note at different percentages. So i requested for a replacement for of it. Then replaced M3 Note got delivered on 25th Jun 2016. Found that same problem with replaced M3 Note also and most of the M3 Note users have this problem. So, we posted about this issue on bug reports section with full of hope that it will be fixed soon. Unfortunately after 2 updates( and for my M3 Note has been got, the battery issue is still present. But, Flyme OS is really awesome and impressive. Using it since 5 months and each time when the mobile is in hand, i am feeling like a new mobile in hand. Am totally addicted to My M3 Note!
It was really surprising that Flyme 6 going to announce on Nov 30. So, i am so much excited and awaited like every Flyme users. So, hope it will meet our expectations with innovative features.
By the way, anybody of you know that why i need enough battery backup? It is because, I already have a girlfriend and i want to chat with her whole the time. So, much battery capacity is needed and and less charging time is required!
In this story hope all of you knew that 2016 for me is getting my dream mobile. That is my Meizu M3 Note!!! I Love Flyme and I Love Meizu M3 Note!!!


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2016-11-26 17:17

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mx4 pro. Dual simcard. Qhd
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2016-11-26 17:29

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In starting i feel proud using mi device and miui ......but after knowing in china flyme dominate miui ........i am trying flyme os in my redmi 2 prime .....and yeah its awsom 100000 multiple than i am thinking to buy meizu m3s thank flyme 6 i waiting
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flyme fan

2016-11-26 19:03

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this yr 2016 was very happy year for me .. i got many good things in my life like my alienware,meizu m3 note last but not least duke200 . i got many excited wishes for my bday never expected that much of blessings. this year i joined in forum and learnt lot of things and got many wallpaper collections as well ...thanks flyme (meizu)
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