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2016-09-22 12:41

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Hi, Dear Flyme Users,
This is Jack from Flyme International Department, and welcome to our Flyme official forum, this is our global Flyme fan base, you can find lastest Flyme updates, news, tutorials and resources on the forum, you can also make discussions with other Flyme users, and submit your suggestions and questions to us.

Follow me and let's get some tips to start with the fourm:

Mobile & PC edition

The forum has both mobile and PC edition, you can surf our forum on both mobile and PC at

To access PC edition on mobile, go to bottom of the page, and click " PC edition "




You need to register a forum account so that you can post new threads or reply to other threads, and see hidden contents:

1. You can register with the button on the top-right corner
2. Or just simply login with your existed Flyme account

Click HERE to register

Upload your Avatar

An avatar will make other users recognize you easily, follow this thread about how to upload your forum avatar:

Tutorials & FAQs

We have been prepared tutorials & FAQs in case you have doubts about Flyme and the forum, just check the links below:

Everything you want to know from Flyme:
Forum tutorial collection:
Follow our Youtube channel for more video tips and reviews:

User levels

Our forum users are devided by different levels from Cupcake to Mashmallow, creating & replying threads, signin on the homepage will make you getting more credits and get the level updated.


General: Everything about Flyme, news, activities, off-topics are here, you can check the subsections for more information about Flyme tutorials, columns, disccussions, reviews, resources, ROM-porting, etc.;

Devices: Anything related to specific models will be posted here;

Suggestions: For you to submit your suggestions about Flyme OS, Forum;

Bugs: Submit the bugs you met on your phone;

Global: It's specially for local country/region content, and you can speak your local language in the subsection;

FAQ: Ask questions here, get answers here, and check history consulting records


We will hold contest each month on our forum, go to our activities page for the latest contest: ... ter=typeid&typeid=3

Get Medals

We've been design rich of medals for you, check the following threads about how to get them:

Medal collector contest:
Medal task:

We propose:

1. Be patient and polite to other users, don't use insulting words;
2. Don't send spamming or advertising information;
3. Search before you ask, we have prepared tips and tutorials on the forum already, search them and get quicker answer

And now move your finger, discover and enjoy our forum!