[Forum guidance] How to make a suggestion/feedback?



2016-01-13 17:43

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There's Suggestions/feedback section in the forum which enable you to make suggestions related to Flyme to us, so today let's have a look at how can we make a correct suggestion in the forum:

Firstly, let's know about the categories in suggestions section, there're Forum, System, Communication, Media, Desktop and Third App: Snip20160113_75.png

Forum: Suggestions about the Forum functions;
System: Suggestions related to Map, Email, Download, Upgrade, Input, Settings, Security and other system apps;
Communication: Suggestions related to WLAN, Bluetooth, NFC, Phone, Contacts, Message, Flyme Communication;
Media: Suggestions related to Reader, Gallery, Camera, Video and Music;
Desktop: Suggestions related to Animation, SmartTouch, Multi-task, Status bar, Lockscreen, Homescreen;
Third app: Any Suggestion related to third app

Status: There're 4 status for Suggestions Section:
Latest: when click this button, the suggestions will order by the posted time;
Pending: Suggestions which not yet get reply or solution;
Ongoing: It means the suggestion is adopted by the product manager, and under the solving period;
Solved: means the suggestion is already solved or adopted.


How to fill information of the suggestions?

1. Click the "Feedback" button, and select the category of your suggestion:

2. Fill the features about your suggestions:

3. A draft picture will help us to understand better of your suggestion:
4. If it's needed, you can open the edit box, to decribe more detail about your suggestion:

5. When the information is completed, click "New thread" to submit your suggestion, and we will review your suggestion!