Flyme Changelog for m2,m1 note, m2 note, MX4 PRO, MX5, PRO5



2016-09-06 15:58

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Release Note


Google Mobile Services (GMS) is removed from this version.
(Users can install them from Hot Apps.)

Downloading via mobile networks may incuradditional charges. If possible,please download via Wi-Fi network.
To avoid loss of data & if required,please perform Flyme or relevant backups before upgrading.
To avoid bricking the phone, do not turnoff or reboot the device while upgrading.

Please login & reply to view the download link:

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System update
Added support of overnight update

Setup Wizard(m1 note,m2 note,MX4 PRO,MX5,PRO5)
Added a setting item for users to select their country or region.

Improved home screen layout
Fixed an issue where WhatsApp couldn’t receive messages when the phone had been in standby mode for a while.
Fixed an issue where the download notification couldn’t be swiped away from the notification shade after the download of an app was stopped before it was completed on Google Play.

Added alert of high battery consumption apps.
Added a permission control to block undesired views on lock screen.
Added display of battery remaining on the lock screen when the super power-saving mode is on.
Fix an issue where tapping “Learn More” in Security > Data > Data Saver would go back to the previous menu.
Fixed app download failure on Play Store

Added a “Flash alert on incoming call” toggle in Phone Settings.

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Lock screen
Altered the notification shade so that it can only be opened by pulling down from the top on the lock screen.
Adjusted the charging animation to the middle position of the screen.

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Improved the refresh speed of Gallery.
Fixed an unexpected quit of Gallery observed when users tried to set a certain picture as wallpaper.

Status bar
Optimized the immersive effect
Changed the notifications of screenshot taken to heads-ups.
Enlarged the DND icon displayed in the status bar
Fixed an issue where a download rate of 0 KB/s was displayed in the pulled down notification shade while the actual rate was over 2 MB/s as shown in the status bar.

Optimized the user interface for Alarm on the lock screen.