New features on Flyme firmware



2016-08-17 17:28

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Hey, Flyme fans, we updated our firmware last week for couple models, did you use it already? There're some new features added on the firmware, let's see what are they:

1. Long Screenshot

Some of our users suggested it before, it's very useful when you want to make a screenshot with long content (like a screenshot of a whole webpage).
How to use it?

1. Hold power button + Volume up/down
2. Click "Capture long screenshot"
3. Scroll the page, select the screenshot range, then click "Finish"
4. Then save the image

2. Global search page

Through this page, you can search contacts, app, setting, web content, etc., all together in this page, just swipe up from the middle of the homepage screen, you can call out this page

3. Weather app

There's weather app integrated in this update, together with a weather widget; this is a delicate weather app that has weather prediction for the future days, wind direction & power, sunrise & sunset time, humidity, body temperature and other suggestions such as Beach & pool, Common Cold, Flight Delays, Indoor Activity, etc.