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2016-01-07 17:27

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[Quiz]  How much do you know about Flyme?

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2015 is the year of harvest for Meizu. Meizu has achieved excellent results in the market and won a good reputation among consumers.

In this year, Meizu has made the following achievements:

In 2015, Total number of Flyme registered users exceeds 30 million.


In 2015, more than 20 million mobile phones have been sold,
with an increase of 350% compared with 2014.

  Meizu exclusive stores increase from 1000 in 2014 to 2000 in 2015.
More than 300 authorized service centers are available,
providing one-stop services for customers in terms of consultancy, experience, pre-sales, and after-sales services.

  In 2015, Flyme is upgraded to Flyme 5, which has a significant development compared with Flyme 4 in terms of NPS.
Compared with Flyme4,the NPS of Flyme 5 is increased by 680%

  In 2015, the number of average daily active users of Meizu appstore exceeds 13 million. Meizu app store provides more than 1 million apps.
The total number of downloads exceeds 10 billion.

In 2015, Meizu has updated the firmware of 11 models of mobile phones
and released 446 firmware versions.
The average daily updates reaches 1.22.

In 2015, Meizu has released six models of mobile phones,
completed a major innovation at the brandlevel.

Thanks to you all,
Meizu has a wonderful 2015, and Flyme has a significant growth.
In 2016, Flyme will continue to accompany you and provide better services.
There is a chance to win attractive gifts by participating in the test below:

  • How to participate?
1.    Answer the questions below. The person who first correctly answer all of the 10 questions can win a Flyme gift.
2.    Each account can answer the questions for not more than 10 times. If the times of your answers exceeds 10, You can't get the gift.
3.    The replies are only visible to the administrator during the activity period. When the activity is over,adminstrator will announce who gets the gift  on January 20.

  • Who could get the gift?
First three users who correctly answer all of the 10 questions below

  • What gifts?
Flyme special gifts

  • Activity time:
Jan.11 to Jan.19, 2016

  • Questions:

1.      When was Meizu company founded?

2.      When was Flyme 1.0 released?

3.      How many major Flyme versions had been released since Flyme 1.0?

4.      How many models of Meizu mobile phones had been released in 2015?

5.      Where was the Meizu India news conference held in 2015?

6.      When did the forum.flymeos.com  go online?

7.      Please guess the mobile phone model with these three keywords:
         '149 g', 'LPDDR3', 'On-Cell'.       (tips:A phone released in 2015)

8.      Please guess the mobile phone model based on the following picture.

9.      Please guess the mobile phone model with these three keywords:
         '140.1 mm','FotoNation 2.0', ' GFF'.       (tips:A phone released in 2015)

10.    Please guess the Meizu mobile phone model based on the following pictures.


  • How to answer the question?
Reply the thread below like:1.20xx  2.xx.20xx 3.xx ...
(you should reply with correct answer,Good luck)