[Activities]Design Your Dream Theme, Win Meizu M3 Note



2016-07-06 10:35

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Dear Flyme fans,
Flyme Global Theme Store has gathered over 200,000 users in the less than two months after it was rolled out.

In order to provide more quality themes for our fast-growing user group, encourage more users to experience the fun of theme designing and help promote fantastic designs for public recognition, Flyme Theme Design Center and Flyme Forum have jointly launched the Flyme Overseas Theme Design Contest.

What you need to design for the contest?

Design List:
31 system icons
15 apps icons
1 launcher wallpaper
1 locker wallpaper
1 thumbnail

How to participate:
Fill out the application form:

Compress the designed components mentioned above into a zip file and email it to flyme.theme@meizu.com

(Please ensure the theme name typed in your application form is identical to the name of the zip file.)

Please refer to Flyme Theme Design Guidelines for detailed information.

Theme List.jpg

Contest Duration: (GMT +8)
Components submission: July 6–27 (21 days)
Download and statistics: August 1-15 (15 days)
Winners Announcement: August 24

Rules & Judging Criteria:
The top three entries that earn the most downloads in the period between August 1 and 15 (China Standard Time) will win this contest.
To prevent ranking manipulation, devices whose downloads are detected as abnormal will be put under rigorous scrutiny.
Any device that downloads a single theme more than five times will be deemed as a ranking manipulator.

Champion: Meizu M3 Note (2+16G) (one)

Runner-up: HD50 Headphones (one)

Third place: 32G OTG Flash Drive (one)

1. Any participant can submit more than one themes.
2. If two or all three of the prizes are won by the same person, the winner will be awarded the higher or highest one only.
3. All submissions shall be original. Any entry reported as plagiarized will lose its qualification, and its place will be taken by the next in line.
4. The rights of final interpretation of this event are reserved by Flyme Forum and Flyme Design Center.

If you have any questions, please send emails to flyme.theme