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2016-01-14 00:33

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I chose Meizu MX5 because processor Helio 10 who support SUPER SLOW MOTION  480FPS at 1080p.

But Meizu MX5 can just record 100fps at 720p.  too bad  :((((
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100KForumMembersM2 note

2016-01-17 17:48

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I wanted to have mx5 but for me it was expensive so i choose my m2 note for the best price/performance and i love meizu design.
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100KForumMembersflyme 5M1 noteAvatar uploadedcontent creator

2016-01-19 21:29

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The built quality is awesome ui needs lot of work
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best_content100KForumMembersValue ContributePhoto GeniusGlobal FansAvatar uploadedEarphonePainterPandaFacebookTwitterMX5Pro 5

2016-01-19 22:22

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I bought a PRO 5 looking all the reviews... When it will be in my hands I will tell you If i Choose it right or I did it wrong....

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100KForumMembersM2 notePainter

2016-01-23 15:11

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Had great specs for a decent price.
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Jelly Bean


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100KForumMembersM1 noteValue ContributeGlobal FansAvatar uploadedPandaflyme 4flyme 5meizu 13th anniversaryFacebook50KForumMembersHonour Online hotstar70KForumMemberscontent creator10KForumPostsforum_app1st_anniversary

2016-01-24 01:26

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   I chose Meizu M1 note  with 32GB model which is similar with performance to famous brands Samsung S5 and LG G3 but for a much lower price than them.   
   But the bigger brands Samsung S5 and LG G3 have much improved system software to the phone and small useful apps and accessories like FM radio NFC WiFi charger, infrared remote control and a micro SD card ,  all LTE band in EUROPE this makes me nervous.  
    But the phone entered under my skin I like it despite these shortcomings the my phone  I like with IGZO display and Flyme OS 5 but to improve the system much more needs to work. MEIZU is very good company using a the high quality component  of its devices, and therefore the next phone for me would  is MEIZU  if someone developed a new model with improved performance and home button similar to this  ( M1 Note ) and ( fingerprint Touch Sensor Under Glass )Technology and lower cost and available in Europe for purchase.
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100KForumMembersM2Photo Genius

2016-01-24 23:54

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I choose Meizu because of the simplicity of the design though my first Meizu is the M2 Blue Charm which kinda slippery almost drop it. I was hoping to get the MX5 or the MX5 Pro though the availability of the device here in our country is an issue plus I don't have the budget yet. But I don't regret getting their Meizu M2 Global version.
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100KForumMembersmeizu 13th anniversaryflyme 5Photo GeniusM2 noteAvatar uploadedHonour Online content creator50KForumMembers

2016-01-26 22:14

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Before one month I bought Meizu M2 Note. It was hard to decide between Meizu and Microsoft but I'm glad that I decided to bought Meizu. But badness is there that in my country doesn't sell covers,screen protectors etc. for Meizu
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100KForumMembersAvatar uploadedcontest loverPhoto GeniusGlobal FansPanda

2016-01-28 18:29

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Well I chose Meizu M2 NOTE because of it design, mid-range specs and secondly Cheap price.
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