Meizu 16th remove cloned apps (NOT in the list)



2019-09-05 16:02

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Hello everybody,

I accidently cloned Android Auto, which unfortunately also forced a clone of Chrome Browser (which isn´t even on the list of clonable apps). So the removal of AA clone was easy, but ho do I remove the Chrome clone?

I tried a tutorial here to get Chrome on the list of clonable apps using adb, which didn´t work. (adb worked, everything completed without error, but the list is not showing Chrome finally).

This is very annoying, since Chrome is standard for me. You haven´t even another choice opening links in google feed. So every time I open something, phone is prompting me, which Chrome to use (clone or not).

Any ideas, how to remove it. Is there a list of cloned apps, which I can remove or modify?

Meizu 16th global, Flym 7.3, lawnchair launcher.

Thanks in advance an greetings from Germany