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2019-07-06 20:01

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The stable version of Flyme Stable has been released for a number of supported models.

The release date is May 30, 2019.


Added "Super Night Mode" for shooting, (in the camera settings, below, in the "More" tab)
• System
Update AI OneMind to version 3.0;
Added: the ability to create a screenshot with a gesture with three fingers (during the game, Game Mode automatically disables this feature);
Update Android security patches. Improved device security;
Added: the ability to turn off the alarm gesture up from the middle of the screen;
Optimized display of the status bar when activating the mode "Split Screen";
Fixed: Sudden closing of the WeChat application;
Fixed: the voice assistant started automatically when the device was locked;
Fixed: when entering the Assistant gesture to the right on the main screen, the system hung;
Fixed: clearing recent applications led to restarting the launcher;
Fixed: incorrect display of the WeChat application in window mode;
Fixed: when installing large icons, they were displayed incorrectly;
Fixed: after installing live wallpapers, the desktop was displayed incorrectly;
Fixed: incorrect display of desktop icons when using light wallpaper;
Fixed: artifacts on the lock screen;
Fixed: when installing wallpaper lock screen, they have not changed;
Fixed: double clicking on the screen, the device did not “wake up”;
Added: the ability to disable the Assistant;
Fixed: discrepancy of track covers in the Music application;
• Game Mode
Fixed: in some games the mode was not activated / worked incorrectly;
Fixed: inability to paste copied text during the game;
• Gallery
Added: the ability to clear the "Trash" with one click;
Optimized the process of cropping images;
• Screen recording
Optimized interface;
• Security application
Optimized file deletion process;
Added: the ability to clear the cache of video, images and audio;
Optimized device memory management;
• Settings
Added: new AOD styles (Always-On Display) [Only for the MEIZU 16/15 line];
• Calendar application
Added: pop-up notifications for calendar events;
• Desktop
Increased the size of the "points" that appear on the application icons, if there are notifications;
Optimized the animation of opening / closing applications;
Added: folder "Popular" with suggestions for applications;
• Voice Assistant
Optimized interface;
• Theme application
Optimized the process of applying themes;