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2016-06-07 17:31

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In the age of Beautiful IPS display panels who doesn't like Wallpapers. In addition of that if a display is big like 5.5" and AMOLED then it's like dreams come true on display. After all these wallpapers represent too many things like your mood, your likes, your mindset and much more, these much things are enough for me to be a die hard fan of wallpapers. So in this thread here I came up with 3 Wallpaper apps that will enough to show all your wallpaper fantasies.


[1] Wallz by The Lockdown Team

This app has nifty features in a root of it. UI is clean and uses Material UI elements. This app has a handpicked collection of wallpapers from various sources like Flickr, 500px, Pixabay, Google+, BING gallery. Apart from that if you are a lover of OEM specific wallpapers then this app will never let you down, it contains wallpapers from 30+ OEMs with 100+ devices and the Wallz community.

Wallpapers are categorized as WALLZ: Community, Editor's Choice, Material Design, Super Hero & Villans, Minimalist and many different categories until you scroll down till last. It also shows top searched tags above this section which is very handy for keeping an eye on trending wallpapers. UI is designed in such a way that it's easy to navigate and set wallpaper within few clicks. Swiping left brings OEM Wallpapers collection and swiping right brings Favorites section.

S60607-132644.jpg S60607-132608.jpg S60607-132616.jpg
S60607-132622.jpg S60607-132713.jpg S60607-132810.jpg S60607-133147.jpg   

Few features that need to pay attention are Blur Effects, Auto Change, Live Wallpaper and Random Wallpaper. We can Blur any wallpaper from an app and Blur effects section have several options. In settings, there is a feature to Turn on Auto Change wallpaper with a custom duration which will change wallpaper automatically. It has one small sweet widget "Wallz Random" which resides in one of the corners of your launcher, simple one tap on it will set Best wallpaper from Wallz Community.

Feature That I Like: "Wallz Random widget, Blur Effects & Auto Change"

Google Play Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mobi.lockdown.wallz

2] Backgrounds by OGQ
This app is one of the listed in "Best of 2015 - Google Play" series. This app shows the Quality content from the well expereinced Devs and Team of OGQ. This app has a very wide database of wallpapers and user base as it's present on Google play from the quiet long time (Since 2011) and Loved by Millions. UI is very simple yet Elegant. We can navigate through UI by swipping Left or Right.

S60607-141051.jpg S60607-141055.jpg S60607-141058.jpg
S60607-141101.jpg S60607-141104.jpg S60607-142414.jpg     

As you open an app you will see "Recent" section which contains recently uploaded wallpapers. Very next to that on Left is "Featured" section which is my one of favorite due to collection of wallpaper according to different subjects. It also shows Popular series of wallpaper like Daily, Weekly, Monthly based on the number of views. Categories has also very long list and collection of wallpaper which has 100,000+ downloads. Important thing is all the wallpapers are selected handpicked by expereinced OGQ team member.

Apart from that we can easily add wallpapers to favorites and check history of watched wallpapers. All the images include artist’s information, license details and URL of the artist’s webpage. Searching feature is also well integrated, we can search by Keywords and Users who uploaded images. Very left to search icon is shuffle icon, this feature will shows random but most viewd good wallpapers which enough to surpeise you anytime. In sort this app is Example of Quality content, Plenty of features with simple yet easy to navigate elegant UI.

Feature That I Like:"Featured Content & Categorization according to Number of views"

Google Play Link :https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ogqcorp.bgh

3] Backdrops by Backdrops Team

If you are a Fan of Material UI then you must use this app at least once. This app is precisely crafted with plenty of Material UI design elements.  UI has a Dark Blue color with White color font, apart from that UI adapt to the color of wallpaper you're watching which is really a treat on Eye.

   S60607-130939.jpg S60607-124501.jpg
S60607-124504.jpg S60607-124507.jpg S60607-130907.jpg     

App is divided into 3 Sections: Community, Explore and Favorites. This classification is simple yet useful. Explore section contains Wallpapers that are uploaded by Community users like us. We can also upload image which is appears in this section. Explore section is contains wallpaper designed by the App developer and good thing is it's updated daily (Wall of the Day). These are the wallpaper you guys should have to take a look once. We also have option to favorite wallpaper which will appear in Favorites section. We can find wallpapers also according to different categories. Pro version of this app remove advertisements and we can save wallpaper from Explore Section.

Feature That I Like: "Wall of the Day"

Google Play Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.backdrops.wallpapers

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