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2019-04-13 21:28

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First of all thanks for Dual Super Night Sight,

There are Features/Specs I want to add.

Camera / Photo / Video/Album

On the photo side, there was a setting in your Album application where you can adjust the background defocusing level. Then it was removed (Sample: Pro 7 Plus Flyme 6). It would be nice if I could set "Depth of field".

Slow Motion Video Very Poor Quality. Pixels counting. 720P is like 144p. There are also 720p and 1080p 960FPS in the Competitors. Super Slow Motion. Slow Motion quality should be improved.

1080P60FPS and 4K60FPS. At least 1080P should be 60FPS. Supporting models should take.
960FPS should come
.H265 HEVC codec Recording support.
RAW photo support should be provided as an option to the user.
Camera2api must be installed in all models build.prop
"persist.camera.HAL3.enabled = 1"

Connections / Network

NO VOLTE. VOLTE is absolutely necessary. So is VOWIFI

BUILD.PROP for Volte
"persist.dbg.volte_avail_ovr = 1"
When you restart the device once the menu is coming.

Interface / Software / System
Globale still didn't give FLYME LABS application. There is no dark theme. No picker. Night Mode must have both Black and Dark colors.
Eye-friendly mode should include Red and Yellow Color filters.
The most used global application is Google and But our search button is searching with "Yandex.Ru". Yandex Wishing to be left to this user should be able to select "Google.com"
The name "WiFi Direct" should not be changed. Most people think that WiFi Direct does not exist on devices.
Even if the Android version of each model device gets the update, the brand's interest increases very seriously.
It would be nice to have a PC Suite Program of your brand. (There are many brands of Apple Sony Samsung HTC Xiaomi.)
Each new flagship should be introduced in the new flyme version. Example: 16S Flyme 8, 17 Flyme 9, 18 Flyme 10


All Devices

Device Tree

Source Code is required to be published. If you publish source codes, there is developer support. Especially the source code of new models should be given quickly. You must allow the bootloader to unlock. ALSO the Root menu is currently removed from GLOBAL devices. At least on the Global devices, when the language is Chinese, the Root open menu must be opened. We can request Root. However, there are no tabs to open.

From Meizu Flyme Turkey Admin