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2016-06-04 19:40

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"For all those beautiful moments I've spent, few are definitely captured and are spent with my M2"

Well this is just an experience expressing post about the device I've been with for the past 6 months. After a long term bad viewpoint on Android devices (poor battery lives, performance stutters and unexpected life killing lags), I've come out of my nutshell in the 10th month of 2015.

As any normal homosapean would do, even I've gone in the search of a mysterious device that'd make everything simple yet always remain complicated, stays dumb but starts becoming attractive day by day and surely be cheaper at cost. Though such things have become a rarity in my world, I've never given up my patience in this search for an eternal pocket companion (last one I've used stayed loyal till 3 years and still continues to be....). I've searched high and low in the plains of Youtube, dived into the seas of Flipkart, flied across Google for such a companion. Alas!! I haven't found such a device. Each and everytime, the man of house screams to capture a celebration, I would simply reply "Baba, this device doesn't have a good camera".

Seeing this happen everytime, to every memory I've lived in, The Mother grants a few funds. With all the love I get this time, I've resumed my journey and thought of venturing into the wild rainy forests of Amazon. In the start the forest was very friendly, showed me new herbs like Android One's and many creatures like Micromax's (now to remind, I've had a bad experience with Android due to a weak MMX creature that couldn't even perform one so called job called connecting to other homosapeans for a verbal communication) but these creatures wouldn't last even a few months. Even though they'd last, each day I'd be with them, my love and interest would slowly start fading away. Daring everything I ventured further into the forest, where a new Indian Tribe came upon me "The Coolpad's". I was flattered firstly thinking that a native's product should always get the first chance. Sadly the Indian tribe were still stuck in the 9th month of their outcome. Instead of wasting my time in the forest near Indian Tribe, I surpassed them in my Journey and striked into an Eastern Tribe "The Xiaomi's". This was a crucial phase of my journey and life too. The tribe welcomed me with a refreshing potion, I drank the potion ignorantly and started seeing the way they functioned. Everything seemed magical, no one would ever think a Tribe of such bigger strength to be colonizing in these forests. Every hour I was given this potion saying it regenerates the energy within me. I happily consumed the potion, watched all their crafts and got surprised every minute. Sometimes I felt the appearance of every craft is similar, but the potion had its own magic. On a certain blessed hour of a day, the potion didn't reach me on time and I saw the gimmick played by this Tribe. Instead of turning back on them and getting imprisoned or being fed the potion again, I've decided to abandon them.

Finally I've reached to the farthest point of my Journey, where I've discovered a new Tribe, a different one. One that doesn't use gimmicks to trap the travellers, instead they have simply showed me a simplest craft of theirs The M2 Note. Firstly I was surprised to see a different kind of creature in the Androids. Where all the Tribes are crafting beasts and wildlings, this tribe managed to craft a decent companion. I've decided to stay with them, walked with them, lived with them. Their ways were so simple. Never forcing upon me, but simply providing me a pocket companion. THE MEIZU M2 NOTE. Finally a companion for another 10 years (being greedy here :P). I've reached my pockets of wealth to own the creature and fly out of the forests. Shockingly, my pockets seemed to have dropped a lot of wealth in these searches of a creature. Now what to do. I couldn't embarass myself. The word was already out to the chieftain about a new purchase being made. Sweat was dripping all over me. Fear a side and Depression another side. Wanted this creature but God where is the wealth. Out of all this inner confusion I blurted out to the tribe if there was a cousin to this creature who'd be a bit small in everything but carry the same blood and traits.

The Tribe suggested me to take a leap of faith into the Falls of Snapdeal. Initially I thought the tribe was angry and were decently planning to end me. The falls were pretty high, hugging the clouds and I wasn't able to see the end of it. Feelinglessly I approached the chieftain for his forgiveness, to my surprise the chieftain gave me a device that can make a homosapean like me travel into the worlds of Youtube, Google while I take the fall. In a thought of escaping, I've planned to go for the fall. If there is nothing at the end of the dive I take, I'd simply use the chieftain's device and vanish into another world. Thus I've taken the leap of faith. While in the dive, I've thought of venturing into the worlds. just to know more about this cousin. To my astonishmemt, there really was a cousin and it was the MEIZU M2. Simple to the core yet so complicated. I was back into the path of dive and my body splashed into the pools of Snapdeal. Now I've found the M2 in the deepest floors and  washed out with it.

Ever Since, beautiful 6 months of my life have passed. Though THE MOTHER screams at me to get a real companion and the MAN OF THE HOUSE screams to get a real livelihood. This creature has remained my temptation in this part of my youth. Thanks to the once unknown tribe "THE MEIZU's"

Now onto few illustrations of the Journey. (Caution: Images resized, may spoil the whole experience :| )

Previous Creature 1

Previous Creature 1

Previous Creature 2

Previous Creature 2
Previous Device: Asha 210 from the Nokia tribe.

The New Device

Behind the Creature 1

Behind the Creature 1

Behind the Creature 2

Behind the Creature 2
Behind the Creature

The Regular Homescreen

Music Lockscreen.jpg
Music Badge on Lockscreen

Purist Wall.jpg
Purist's Wall

Video Application

Non HDR.jpg






Filtered Magic.jpg


Filtered Magic 2.jpg


Le Steps.jpg
le Steps

Extra Manual.jpg
Extra Manual

The Window.jpg