[News]Sundar Pichai to launch Android One version 2 in India



2015-12-11 10:24

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Last week, there were reports about Google CEO Sundar Pichai visiting India for the first time after becoming the CEO of Google. The report highlighted that the India-born Google CEO will be visiting PM Modi and President Pranab Mukherjee. Now, the buzz online reveals that Pichai will be in India also to launch the Android One version 2.

Some media persons have received an invite for a December 16 event that reads, “At Google, we believe that technology can change people’s lives for the better. Indians are coming online at an astonishing rate with affordable smartphones. These new users have a completely fresh view on what the Internet has to offer. Please block your date for an event with Google as we outline our vision for these users.”

The invite talks about new Indians coming online and affordable phones, clearly hinting at the next version of Android One. Google had launched Android One in India last year, but the phones failed to make an impact. The onslaught of numerous Chinese vendors further stiffened the competition.

Android One represents Google’s push to lower the prices of smartphones in less developed parts of the world where computers are considered a luxury. Google consults with device makers to build cheap phones that can still run the latest version of its Android software. In August there were reports around Google’s plans to revamp the Android One platform in India. The company reportedly plans to launch a sub-Rs 3,000 Android device as a part of Google’s massive investment push into India’s internet market.