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2019-02-22 06:29

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I bought Meizu Pro 7 plus from a chinese website 2 years ago. Phone worked perfectly since 1 month ago when my phone's battery start to drain very fast in cold conditions (now is -10 Celsius outside).
I wrote to Meizu support e-mail and got following answer from them:

1. Please use the original power adaptor and original cable to chargeyour phone.
2. After the phone is indicated 100% fully charged, then keep charging foranother one hour.
(Please be noted that the phone should be in sleep mode without any operationand incoming notification on the phone during the charging, we suggest that youturn off the network and WIFI during charging)

I tried that but i have same issues. I guess my battery need replacement.

Any advice about this problem? Where from can i buy original replacement battery?

I also read some posts on forums about new Flyme 7 version and also some issues with A and G versions. At some point i will upgrade to this version but i need some clarifications first.
My Phone Build number is: Flyme

Can i upgrade to international G version? If not, can i upgrade to latest A version? There is English language and Google service on A version of Flyme?

Thank you in advance for answers!