2019-01-09 06:59

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To return to flymeBefore all make sure you have an unlocked bootloader
You have to first flash 4.1 and not above cause we can lose the twrp and maybe lock bootloader and the patched twrp apk only works on 4.1 with a locked bootloader.

2.wipe cache, dalvic cache, system, data (not persist)
3.format data
follows an error from the error until at the end flashes
6.reboot system
it wants its time, it does encrypt and optipize apps
the problem is that wifi does not work
the solution is to reflate the persist partition.
I do not know what the problem is causing. the official twrp (with this one I was working) or the custom roms?
so I suggest that the process be done with redwolf recovery

if wifi doesn't work
7.root in the known way
8. Install the patched twrp in the known way
9.reboot to recovery
12.persist zip> swipe to flash
13.reboot to system
13a. if it gets a message enter password to start android (it did not get me) reboot to twrp> wipe> format data> yes> reboot.
14.wifi ok
15 if you flash persist the bootloader will lock
16. At this point we have to decide what to do with the recovery because the patched only works on 4.1 . We will restore the stock to upgrade (make a confirmation that the revovery is there first), or keep redwolf recovery. to install flyme 7 you first have to go to 4.1 and then flash 7 with redwolf recovery (the others doesn't survive and you will lose your recovery). Straight flash flyme 7 after custom is not taken
Red wolf recovery doesn't lose root and survives after flashing
To get back the meizu recovery you had to make a back up of it with an app like official twrp app before installing twrp recovery. Then just flash the recovery image with red wolf in recovery partition
In redwolf
1. Install
2. Select image as type of file
3. Locate stock recovery image
4. Select to be installed atat t recovery partition
5. Reboot to system
6. Reboot to recovery to confirm it is installed correctly