Don't upgrade to flyme 7.1G. unable to choose photo size.



2018-12-02 10:36

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Edited by misudoll at 2018-12-02 11:43

Ok fellas, i've been using 7.1G for 3 days now, now bugs fixed from previous version.

And not surprisingly, bring us more.

Dispite the "Classis Flyme" missing, I also find the camera resolution is fixed, unable to choose photo size, both front and rear.I can only choose ratio.
previous version:


Good job, dev team!

Damn, this whole hilarious updating makes me feel like it's kind of the iPhone now,
company secrectly tells you the truth:
Dude, ur device is too fxxking old, go get a new one and make us more profit!
and if you can't, poor losers.

Is that what dev team trying to say?

And btw, where is on bug report section? I can only find
so basically 7.1G is a fake version,
just a big bug collection of, without any existing issues fixed?