Flyme for M6 Note,M6s and M6



2018-11-29 22:11

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(More language options for your reading: Українська версія)

Flyme for M6 Note, M6s and M6 is available! Download and experience now!

M6 Note: Download
M6s: Download
M6: Download

Update change note:
• Upgraded patches to improve system security
• Optimized system stability.

• Added SOS feature in Phone > Settings.

Note: Some users encountered downloading issues in Google Play Store with certain apps such as Instagram, Google Earth, and etc. This is due to older Google Play Store service, therefore users can fix this small issue by the following steps:

1) go to Settings > Apps > All Apps > Google Play Store > Clear chache (very small red text on the right side of 'Cache' column) ;
2) update Play Store service service and try downloading those apps again.

· This firmware is the stable version for the these devices. If you meet any problem when updating, we suggest you to back up you data and then clear up your user data to install.
· If an update failure prompt pops up when you try to install this update, please update your system to the last Flyme stable version and try again.
· Downloading using cellular data may incur additional charges. If possible, please download the update file via WLAN.
· To avoid loss of data & if required, please perform Flyme or relevant backups before updating the system.
· To avoid bricking your phone, please do not turn off or restart the device while updating.
· If you want to roll back to Flyme 5 from this version, you will need to clear user data first.

· Click here to read a tutorial about how to upgrade your firmware:
· Click here to watch a video tutorial