Why does Meizu not have GMS certification?



2016-06-01 12:16

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I was browsering another forum when I noticed someone bringing up an important point I had totally forgot about which is Google GMS certification. For those of you who don't know what it is:
The GMS abbreviation itself stands for Google Mobile Services and pertains to the pack of native Google stuff like Search, Gmail, Play, Talk, Streetview, Youtube and others. If the phone is not GMS certified it can’t have the Google services embedded officially and with the lower rank of certification the Google trademark can’t be used.
Now if you head over to the official google supported devices listing you'll notice something... not a single Meizu device that has been certified.

So, have you ever wondered why you sometimes run into compatibility issues, errors and such? Well now you know why, it also goes to show that Meizu must not care as much as they'd like to claim about the international market as this is important, and even their direct competitor Xiaomi's are certified.

Did you know about it? And what do you think about this?