Battery Problem (Slow Charging, Fast Draining)



2018-11-24 14:15

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Edited by Divard at 2018-11-24 14:16

It happened when I upgraded my M5 Note to Flyme 7. The battery so slow to charge and it is fast to drain.

I tried reflashing Flyme 7 but the problem didn't solved. I tried to flash the older version which is Flyme 6 (downloaded from the official site) but when I check the build number it says it's still Flyme 7.

How to downgrade Flyme 7 to Flyme 6 completely? It seems there's a lot of problem on Flyme 7.

If anyone using M5 Note, don't upgrade it to Flyme 7.

Hope you guys help me with the problem, thank you.