2018-11-10 02:37

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Hy guys i was going through the license of my L m3note and i found out that it is having an unlocked bootloader..... Also there is an unreleased version of flyme 5 which supports VOLTE ON L m3 note devices so why miezu developers are ignoring L MODELS SO MUCH....????? I'LL BE HAPPY WITH FLYME 5 IF IT WILL SUPPORT "VOLTE" THE ONLY PROBLEM IS DATA NOT WORKING ON THAT UNRELEASED VERSION OF ROM........ MIEZU IS PLANNING TO RELEASE NEW PHONES IN INDIA AND I HOPE THEY DON'T WANT A BOYCOTT IN ADVANCE BETTER FIX THIS ISSUE DEVELOPERS OTHERWISE FORGET THE BIGGEST EMERGING MARKET..... INDIAN MARKET IS ALL NAME GAME AND IT'LL TAKE FEW TWEETS TO CHANGE PEOPLE'S MIND