Meizu M2 / M2mini review after 3 year usage (Quality for young)



2018-11-09 16:13

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Meizu M2 mini/M2 Three Years review (Quality for Young)

Hello everyone, I am Pulkit, user of Meizu M2 mini (also known as Meizu M2) for almost 3 years, I got my phone on 1 Jan 2016 and I am still using it.

I will switch to a New phone very soon, so for a farewell I am reviewing my m2 on Flyme Forums!!

There are lot of things to discuss from hardware to software so I am dividing this review in small categories which are :

Build Quality/Design






Overall Review

I will not go for deep specifications and will share my experience in each of these category.

First lets look at its specifications :

5 inch 720*1280 pixels screen

Mediatek MP6735 with Mali – T720MP2

13 MP Back Camera and 5 MP Front Camera

2GB RAM and 16 GB Internal Storage

unremovable 2500 mAh Battery with unibody design

Flyme OS 4,5 and 6 powered by Android 5.1.

The closest competitor of Meizu M2 mini was Redmi 2 Prime which I used for 2 week and take a refund and ordered M2 mini, but my brother owned Redme and I also used it, so  I will compare both of the devices simultaneously.

So lets Start

1. Build Quality/Design :
Meizu is always on top of their game in terms of build quality thats why Meizu uses ''Quality for Young'' that much, firstly I was very scared to use a phone which don’t have a removable battery at that time because all other phone available had removable battery, but in the end it was totally fine as because of this, build quality of M2 mini becomes very good in relation to its competitor like Redmi, It was the first time ever that the Side SIM Tray and unibody design were offered at 7k price range, because of this Meizu really dominated in terms of Design and build quality.

At present Meizu build quality is still in top.

2. Display :
S81109-12273109.jpg S81109-12291031.jpg
Meizu M2 has a 5 inch 720*1280, 16:9 IPS LCD Screen, which is more then ask for Screen Size at that time, Where its competitor offered 4.7 inch screen. 0.3 inch was a +1 for Meizu M2 mini.

Even now I feel Touch response is great and multitouch capability of m2 is also a great consideration, The main thing is the screen never had any crack in 2.5 years because of protection of Asahi Dragon trail Glass But protection used in Redmi 2 Prime Screen is still to be conformed.
Currently Mobile phone screen got developed and are now bigger and better but still they are provided 720p screen at this price range.

3. Performance :
S81109-12270641.jpg S81109-12303417.jpg
The main reason to switch from Redmi 2 prime to M2 was that I was not able to play GTA San Andreas and WWE 2K on Redmi 2 Prime but M2 run both the games smoothly that’s  because of better Processor and GPU. Mediatek 6735 was the best processor of that time at 7K price range.
Currently performance is on top of their game, Smartphones are getting more and more powerful day by day, this is one of the reason i am switching now.

4. Camera :
Meizu M2 Has a 13MP back and 5MP Front Camera. Camera is the department in which Meizu smartphones developed a lot in recent years,  and I can easily say, at that time it had best Camera in its Price bracket. Phone with a price of Rs.7,000 didn't had good reputation in camera those days, Redmi 2 prime just had a 2MP front camera and 8 MP back, but Meizu M2’s Camera was not even batter in pixels but also produced most natural photos. Here are some Camera Samples!!
P60331-120328.jpg P60112-194242.jpg IMG_20151018_153251.jpg

At present Pixels are sames but Camera sensors are improved and Meizu's new smartphones are also getting updated sensors.

5. Battery :
Meizu M2 has a 2500 mAh battery and with Flyme OS it easily last a whole day, It was one of the company who dare to use unremovable battery at 7k and from then it became a trend and all other phones at same price start using unremovable battery.

Currently Battery performance is improved due to higher capacity and better Processors.

6. Software :
In terms of Software Meizu has their own unique strategy, They focus on providing better user experience then providing Android updates and security patch. In long run this strategy is very good as we can have 2-3 different UI experience like I did in M2 with Flyme 4,5 and 6. But I want to say that security patch and Android base updates are also important, but as on 2015 there was no major phone manufacturer who was able to provide software updates properly, so I guess Meizu did their job for M2 mini.

I guess now is the time to improve security patch updates.

7. Overall Review :

Overall Meizu m2 mini is a solid phone which had lot of capability to come on top of its category. Again, At that time, providing that build quality, Camera and Screen etc. was a big deal and I don't find any problem in this phone. I still think Meizu should have updated it more but as its now a 3 year old device I totally understand and don't complaint. in Total i will give it 4.5 stars out of 5. 0.5 Marks is deducted due to not having volte.

Thats it, Thank you for reading and if you own M2 mini please share your experience on comment section!!

Suggest me which phone i have buy now as i am planing to buy a new phone very very soon.