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2018-11-08 12:18

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============10 Extra $50 Coupons On 00:00, Nov 12th=========
last 10  coupons.jpeg
In 00:00, Nov 12th (PT), the MEIZU AliExpress Store has released 10 more big coupons! It's just 1 hour away! Set your alarm and snap the final chance to get a big coupon! The way of how to get this coupon is in below (item 2).
============$20 Coupon Lucky Draw Winner Announced=========
The valid floor for the lucky draw is 55, so the winners are:
#6(Blasejo), #17(volfdem), #28(用户462911404), #39(User5203234876), #50(Goldwyn)

We will send out the coupons by forum private messages to these users, please login to browser forum to check your message.

Hey guys! I saw a lot of you had left your comment to participate the coupons lucky draw in Halloween Preview thread. And today, the forum will reveal the rest of the sale activities, and present you a full guide to get the fullest usage of the sale! No other place will tell you so much details, a------n------d, we will give out 5 $20 coupons by lucky draw!!!!! So you can comment anything on the thread now to participate and then come back to view this tutorial !

To sum up this long guide, let's walk through all promotions briefly. And I will write these guides in sequence, so you can find the items you're interested by using the item number.
1. 16th slashing deals (Get 16th by $0.01)
2. Big coupons (Get free $50 out of your $100+ orders)
3. Small counpons for everyone
4. AliExpress coupons (Universal coupons for all AliExpress orders, can be used on top of store coupons)
5. M6T slashing deals for Russian, X8 slashing deals (Get M6T or X8 by $0.01)
6. Flash deals in FEATURED BRANDS zone
7. Extra gift
8. Forum Lucky Draw

Let's begin with the most important and the nearest event (which is also inquired the most): 16th for only $0.01! On social channels both MEIZU and Flyme's account had already posted previews about this. But how does this work?  

1. How to participate the bargain game?
1). Download AliExpress app in advance. This step is very important because the bargain down process is available only on AliExpress app.
2). Enter the app at 16:00, Nov 8th (PT). Please notice this is pacific time, and please make sure you calculate the time difference correctly! You can find the entrance of slashing deals by tapping the middle of the App Homepage, and then many rounds of slashing deals are presented in time sequence. So remember to come at the right time! (Hint: the app time is still in pacific time. If you're not sure, you can enter the app in advance and check other slashing deals to experiment.)
AliExpress Steps.png
3). After the MEIZU 16th appeared on this page, you can enter the page and share the link to your friends and ask them to bargain down the price for you! Each helper's amount might differ, and by helping you, they will receive various amount of coupons too.
4). More rules please consult the 'Detailed Rules'* in the end of this thread.

2. How to get $100-50 Big coupons (free $50 out of $100+ orders)?
1) Save the MEIZU STORE LINKon your browser or go to MEIZU Official Store in AliExpress app end.
2) Enter the page on time (4 times of big coupon giveaways), or go to app's 11.11 SALE page.
3) The number of coupons are limited, so good luck!
big coupons-MEIZU Homepage.png
big coupons-AliExpress App.png

3. Small coupons for everyone
When enter both PC end and app end of AliExpress Meizu Store, you can see immediately the coupon section as below:
Small coupons - PC.png
On App end, you can check almost all promotions in this 11.11 SALE page, and find small coupons here. The small coupons can not be applied on top of the big coupon or the coupon you may win from forum lucky draws.

4. AliExpress Platform Coupons
On AliExpress or MEIZU Store homepage, you can find a lot of universal coupons. These coupons can be used when you merge payments of different stores, and can be used on top of MEIZU Store Coupons.
On MEIZU Store's 11.11 SALE page, you can find this US $2.00 coupons which can be redeemed freely.
AliExpress Coupon.png

5. M6T slashing deals for Russian, X8 slashing deals ($0.01 for M6T and X8!)
The same as Item 1, you can check the slashing deal zone of AliExpress app. And M6T is exclusively for Russian region.
The time for X8 is 06:00 - 06:59, Nov 11th (PT).
The Russian slashing deal for M6T starts at 12:00, Nov 11th (PT), and it ends on the time when 200 M6T are all bargained down. So first come first get!
More rules please consult the 'Detailed Rules'* in the end of this thread.

6. Flash Deal at FEATURED BRAND zone!
If you want to buy MEIZU phones, the timing couldn't be more perfect. As we had already previewed before, we have flash deals for almost all selling devices from 5:00AM Nov 10th to 5:00AM Nov 12th. You'll have whole 48 hours to buy the wanted device with stunningly low price!
FEATURED BRAND Flash Deal.png   

7. Extra gifts for all orders
For every order, we'll send out a phone case and a screen protector along with the phone. So don't worry about your phone's daily usage problem!

8. Forum lucky draw.
We already did a lucky draw event on Halloween thread, and we'll reveal the winners soon. And today we will do a quick lucky draw in this thread to give out 5pcs of 20USD MEIZU Store Coupons! We will draw out 10%, 30%, 50%, 70% ,90% of the total reply floors to give out this coupon. The deadline for this lucky draw is 00:00, Nov 10th (PT), which means you will have only 48 hours to participate!
More rules please consult the bottom**.

To sum up, we made an image of promotion collections. Good luck!
All Promotions.png

*Detailed rules for $0.01 slashing deal:
1. To successfully buy the item in $0.01, users need to ask multiple friends (who need to be AliExpress users too) to help bargaining down the price within limited time.
2. Each friend can only help once in this process.
3. Help bargaining down the price will not win the helper this phone, but each helper will get a coupon of random amount, which is also limited in number, so first come first get.
4. There is no fixed numbers of helpers needed in this process, and each helper's contribution will be random.
5. The numbers of the slashing deal phones are limited. If there are too many participants who had finished the bargaining process, we will select winners based on the $0.01 payment time.

6. Slashing deals phones supports normal warranty service.
7. If the platform detects false bargain behaviours or malicious operations, MEIZU Store and AliExpress platform reserves the right to cancel the validity of the slashing deal results.

** Lucky draw rules:
1. The lucky draw will be counted as round numbers, therefore we will do a round-off in the numbers. For example if the result of calculation is 11.4, then the winning floor will be #11; if the calculation is 11.5, then the winning floor will be #12.
2. The coupon can be used on the flash deal (not Slash Deal), however, the coupon of this lucky draw cannot be used together with other MEIZU Store coupons during the 11.11 SALE. Also the lucky draw coupon can only be used at MEIZU AliExpress Store during 11.11 SALE.
3. The coupon will be sent by forum private messages. Please check your messages when you find out you are one of the winners.
4. AliExpress uses Pacific Time Zone to calculate sales period,therefore the following activities about GLOBAL SHOPPING FESTIVAL 2018 will all use Pacific Time Zone. Please check the time zone difference between your time zone and PST.
5. Every user can leave comment for 3 times at most. If one user was drawn twice in the lucky draw, his second draw will go to his next floor.