Google Play Store and more problems



2018-11-04 00:36

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Hi everyone,

I have been experiencing many problems with my device lately.

One of them being the Play Store not working. I am unable to download apps nor to update the installed ones. I have tried it all, even restoring my phone to its factory setup - clearing data, cache, etc.

I am also finding problems like the native Calendar app not even opening, crashing instantly, and again it is not possible to download any other calendar app.

And one more... I had created a couple of folders in the native Gallery app for organization and some of them have disappeared deleting the files that were saved in them. Again, SOME OF THEM, which I don't understand. I have lost data out of nowhere, no updates nor restore was done.

Anyone having the same issues? Have you found a solution? I am about giving up on this device and getting a new one, I am tired of finding problems and not getting any updates for months.

Thank you.