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2016-05-31 21:48

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Release Note
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Downloading via mobile networks may incuradditional charges. If possible,please download via Wi-Fi network.
To avoid loss of data & if required,please perform Flyme or relevant backups before upgrading.
To avoid bricking the phone, do not turnoff or reboot the device while upgrading.

Update to Flyme 5
Add Theme
Added the function of sliding up thefloating call notification to mute the call;
Optimized the brightness adjustment;
Optimizedsystem translations

Optimized the full-screen incoming callpage;
Optimized the Talkback support of dialpad;
Optimizedthe dialpad which will stay unfolded when dialing;
Fixed the bug of no favorite contacts inDND white list and speed dial adding;
When edit a contact’s IM info, Hangouts would be the default label;
Added ‘3G only’ network type;
Fixed the occasional bug of unable toauto-match contact when typing numbers;
Fixed the bug of no transitioning animationwhen tap the dial icon;
Fixedthe bug when two numbers have the same last 7 digits, the call logs will bemerged as from one phone number;
Fixed the occasional blank list inContacts;

Fixed the bug of blur preview page aftershooting photos in manual mode;
Fixed the bug of when the sound effect ofphoto shooting is turned off, and the users switch to photo mode after usingVideo or Slo-mo modes, the sound effect still exists;
Fixed the bug of the camera being unable tofocus and meter when shooting GIFs;
Fixed the clipping error in square mode;
Fixedthe focusing issue;
Fixedthe bug when using Macro mode after shooting a video, the camera cannot focuson the object;
Fixedthe bug when the camera is activated by third-party apps, there is no OK andre-take button;

Fixed the unchanged volume bug when adjustthe volume by a little bit;

Fixed the issue of incomplete display ofmissed calls and unread messages on notification bar under Super mode inextra-large font;

Now the icons and widgets can be moveddirectly in editing mode;
Added the function of allowing using emojiin app folder names;
Added a new feature which enables users tocopy and paste the folder names on Home screen;
Optimized the notification position when editingthe Home screen;
Fixed the occasional freezing issue;

Add password retrieving option to Vault ofFile Explorer and locked apps;
Optimized the app management page, theDownloaded option is changed to Installed;
Fixed the displaying abnormity in Battery;
Fixed the crash down issue when tap ‘APNs’in ‘SIMs and networks’;
Fixed the crash down issue when tap on theencrypted apps under Guest mode;

Changed the screen brightness in Super modeto smart adjustment;

Optimized the intro page of the groupmessage naming feature;
Optimizedthe popup style of a message when holding by the user;
Fixed the bug of unable to restore defaultoperation after tap on Restore icon in names editing page.
Fixedthe problem of occasional mistakes in recognizing message cards;

Fixed the bug of the notifications whichhave been read would pop up again on notification bar;

Fixed the blank area bug on the bottom barwhen tap on a photo thumbnail to view it in full-size;

[Lock screen]
Optimizedthe color solution on lock screen so users can see the time on the screenclearly’
Changed the Camera activating method fromSliding leftwards to sliding upwards;

[File Explorer]
Remarkedfolder names will be displayed preferably for folders in Pictures;

Reconstructed download page where MD5calculating feature is removed and the launching speed is optimized;
Bydefault, Download app will allow downloading only under WLAN;

Data-free quick share: Optimized sharingexperience, added visible managing page;