Happy Halloween! (Big SALE and Lucky Draw Coming!!!)



2018-10-31 10:45

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=============Winner Announced!=============
After the deadline, we have calculated the winning floors, and the winners are:
#4(kArViX), #11 (javi.D.V.LOP), #19 (FilipPazdan), #27 (User5209680424), #34 (_IceJuice_), #42 (Bha_Win), #49 (User5209695408), #57 (haliliboklc3), #65 (User5209709748), #72 (User5209730812).

We will send out the coupons by forum private messages to these users, please login to browser forum to check your message.

Hey guys! Happy Halloween! I’m sure you guys had already joined all sorts of Halloween-themed parties on last weekend, but how about join a party here on the forum? We’ll give out coupons for your shopping at the GLOBAL SHOPPING FESTIVAL 2018!

As some of you might know, on November 11th and 12th, AliExpress has a platform shopping carnival called ’11.11 SALE’. As the official MEIZU store on the platform,MEIZU Store will join this sale with a bunch of promotions! Today let's have a preview of one of the major promotions: Flash Deal!

All selling devices are priced down to a history low level! And what’s more, you can use the coupon we will draw out from this thread on top of the flash deal!

Leave your comment on which device(s) you want to buy the most, and we will draw out 10 users to send each one of them a 10 USD coupons. The lucky floors will be 5%, 15%, 25%, 35%, 45%, 55%, 65%, 75%, 85% and 95% of the total floor numbers before 9:00AM, November 8th (PST)!

Here is a preview of this super-low-price flash deal from OFFICIAL MEIZU AliExpress Store!

Save the MEIZU STORE LINK to follow up the latest sales news! (If you're reading this on Forum App, you can copy this thread link and open it in the browser to view external links)

Rules & explanations:
1. The lucky draw will be counted as round numbers, therefore we will do a round-off in the numbers. For example if the result of calculation is 11.4, then the winning floor will be #11; if the calculation is 11.5, then the winning floor will be #12.
2. The coupon can be used on the flash deal, however, the coupon of this lucky draw cannot be used together with other MEIZU Store coupons during the 11.11 SALE. Also the lucky draw coupon can only be used at MEIZU AliExpress Store during 11.11 SALE.
3. AliExpress uses Pacific Time Zone to calculate sales period,therefore the following activities about GLOBAL SHOPPING FESTIVAL 2018 will all use Pacific Time Zone. Please check the time zone difference between your time zone and PST.