Why does not flyme forum merge with Meizu ?



2018-10-30 03:46

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So much time waiting for news and big changes I think the time should come to merge the flyme forum with Meizu. you do not think alike.
My question and doubts is why the most innovative forum does not grow. because it is the reason you know some answer. with the new phone exits in these months. The fastest updates should have already come out. missing developers. what's going on .
because they do not throw more betas for the users !!! there are no engineers! If we look outside the forum for sure there are many volunteers to help this project.
more than 5 global users behind flyme phones with large communities and among all you can help.
The community has grown a lot this year in the global version. who can help! Meizu !!! flyme !!!Reporting errors, suggestions, that comes somewhere! I should come true.Someone must answer big questions and it's not us. Many fans are on the road and you should not lose them. I communicate this from flyme Spain group.
let's hope everything goes ahead