flyme 7.0.1 bugs



2018-10-25 14:46

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i was waiting alot of time for you to make an update to solve this problems bit u didnt
first, these problems are global . i mean that its not happening to me only its happening to all users i know using this mobile
first the GPS

if i disabled the gps and turn it on again i don't get a lock in google maps i have to turn it off and on many times so i can get my position in map

second the sensors

after mobile is on for more than 3 days all sensors stop responding in games and even in call i have to restart the mobile so i can make the Sensors work again


when i take a photo with the flash on it only uses the white light not the warm yellow light which makes the photo better

and the image quality is always not the same sometimes the colors are good sometimes they are not i have to restart so the colors be good again

phone finder

when i login to phone finder and try to locate my phone it gives me only one location never moved from it and this location not in egypt (( i live in egypt ))

screen recorder

when i screen record sometimes the video has sound and sometimes it just mutes it self even when i checked the mic option before start recording

shareit app keeps forcestops when i send videos

and there is one thing i wish u can make it happen : i wish you just make a new notification shade like the pure android or like Xiamoi or Samsung

i know i said alot of things bad about this update but there is alot of good stuff also but i wish that there will be no bugs in the next update and i wish it will be soon