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2018-10-28 17:46

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Videotape create on 2018-10-28 06:01
Nope. My way was this: F7 beta > F7 stable > F7 rooted > F7 stable > F6 > F7 stable

lol gone 2 F6 back to F7 Stable
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2018-10-28 18:18

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Edited by Videotape at 2018-10-28 11:31

Yep, and you have to understand that not all people have problems with F7. The only issue I have is wrong battery stats, and that's it. Yes, I downgraded the camera app to see if there's a lot of difference and to me it appears that F7 app has noticeably better night photos and bokeh  effect but inconsistent WB on daylight pfotos which means I kind of like F6 app daylight photos a bit better. Regarding other problems, there are none. The GPS locks spot on, Bluetooth never failed on me, the 3,5 plug works normally and the sound is great, the battery lasts forever, overall the phone is fast and snappy, all my apps work perfectly and so on...
So, if you have so many problems with your unit to be forced do downgrade to F6 I should be laughing at you, right. Or I just pity you.
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2018-11-18 15:51

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Bluetooth codec hasn't been updated yet. It will only be updated if the device gets updated to Oreo.
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