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2018-10-17 12:14

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You all know that the Maintenance Cycle for m2 has ended as its 3 year old device now. The last update for it was but that turned out to be buggy and affected performance.Users ask for the best Flyme Version or Custom ROM that they can use for there device as daily driver. In this thread I will tell you which is the best version!

Custom ROM:
There are many custom roms and recently a developer named Dinolek ported/compiled twrp for GSIs and now by changing partition any treble rom can be flashed. But in all of them there are unexpected bugs and not ideal for daily uasge!

Best Flyme Version:
Flyme A is the best and optimised rom. I use Flyme and its so far the best Flyme. Battery backup is average. RAM Management is really good I played games like PUBG Lite and Free Fire without any lags. But when playing games like this the battery drains quickly(maybe an issue with my device). Battery backup is really good, almost all apps are closed which run in background and tend to eat up Battery. I have used Flyme 4-7 in my m2 and mostly all of the versions and so far found this most stable and best. I don't trust SOT or Video Loop Test results as that depends on your usage!

Removing Apps:
Use this app from below to delete all Chinese Apps and unecessary ones. Just root your phone and use the scr ipt inside this app.


Go through my L Speed App thread from
here and do the tweaking according to your needs.
For me I use medium kernel tweaks and high battery tweaks.As in m2 the most serious issue is Battery Backup.

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That's it for this thread guys. I hope it would have helped you. Reply down below to share your views!

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