Why Meizu lie on us?!!



2018-10-04 11:48

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the company said that m3 note isn't compatible with flyme 7 upgrade?!! how it could be incomputable because of hardware?!! we can't believe you guys, you never listen to your users or respect them. it's a clear lie when you tell me that the phone isn't compatible with Flyme 7 - which isn't an Android version - or even with either android 6.1 or 7.0!! this is so ridiculous and unbelievable. show your users some respect and support your phones.

btw, as we all know, the hardware of the m3 note is almost identical to this of the m5 note especially when it comes to CPU
at least give us android Marshmallow 6.1 - android 5 is a shit today - with Flyme 7 lite and satisfy our needs.