Liquid Cooling in smartphones? Let's understand.



2018-09-22 15:15

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What is Liquid Cooling? How it works?
To control the temperature of device down ‘Fluid’ (Air or Water) is used. Most of machines are using liquid cooling such as I C Engines in Automobiles, Thermal powerplants, Computer CPU’s etc., now a days Smartphones are using this techniques because of heavy usage.

The main Fundamental of this technique is ‘Heat Pipe’. Simply saying Heat pipe carries heat from one place to another with the help of cooling medium. Here mainly two processes are occurs ‘Evaporation’ and ‘condensation’  as shown.
liquid cooling.png
When temperature of processor side increases, the side of tube which is connected with processor, the liquid inside the tube get evaporates (conversation of liquid to Vapor/steam) and because of capillary action, this vapor starts flowing to cooled tube side , After reaching at cooled tube side it condenses (conversation of Steam to liquid) and again cooled to liquid.

Why it is used in smartphones?

As mobiles are very compact and We know that Now a days processors becomes very powerful and gives upto 2.7 GHz clock speed that’s very fast, When we are playing games and phone get lags. It is called Thermal Throttling.  When smartphone is in moderate use like typing of listening music this must be cooled down faster the heavy usage of processor. For maintaining the temperature of devices Water cooling is used.

Air Cooling or Liquid Colling ?

Till now Air cooling is using in all mobile devices, In Air cooling CPU or GPU areattached with metal plate, This metal plate is connects the rear body of device so that back of device dissipate heat easily
In liquid cooling very thin pipe mainly Coper tube is used beacause of its easy dissipation of heat. As we know MEIZU 16th used too thin coper tube and which is only of 0.4 mm!!!

Why ‘Water’ cooling ?

One reason is it is cheap and easily available and other is, in comparison with other fluid water has higher specific heat capacity, density, and thermal conductivity. That means it has high heat dissipation rate. So that it used widely in all system.

So this is the understanding of liquidcooling, Hope you like this Information, please like and comment about this thread .