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2018-09-12 23:50

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Before scorlling down check out the previous interview episodes!

In this episode we have a special guest. He's a Moderator and he also makes the Monthly Highlights Threads also known for collecting bug reports to improve Flyme OS. A Flyme madlad and finds numerous ways to help the Community

Name: Timur Habibov
Date of Birth: 02.03.2001
Forum Registration Date: 29.03.2016
Devices: M5 Note 3/16, M5c 2/16
Living City: Kharkiv, Ukraine

Q. What was your first MEIZU?
A: It was MEIZU M2. I bought it in 2016 and completely fell in love with Flyme OS and MEIZU. My Forum work also started with this model.

Q. How did you learn about Flyme Forum?

A: I was told by a friend of mine (who also owns a MEIZU phone) that there's a MEIZU Forum where Flyme updates are released earlier than by OTA.

Q. When did you become a Forum moderator?
A: In 2016. When I heard that there's a moderator recruitment on Forum, I decided to "test my luck". Therefore I filled in the Form and was selected! Since then, I try to help every user and to make Flyme better for everyone;)

Q. What do you think about MEIZU? Does this company have future on Global market?
A: I love MEIZU. This company has already got millions of fans all around the world. If we are talking about the future, I think that MEIZU has a great chance to become even bigger and better known. It just needs to utilise the oppurtunities in a better way!

Q. What is your favorite Flyme version?
A: As I was an M2 user, I remember even Flyme 4.5. It was the best Flyme version for me. There was simplicity and beauty in it. Also I like Flyme 7 very much.

Q. What is your favorite Flyme feature?

A: The App Index.

Q. What food do you prefer?
A: I like Greek food very much. My favorite Greek dish is souvlaki.

That's all for this month. See you next time in another Big Fans Super Interview.


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