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2018-08-08 10:22

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Hey guys! After maybe a million leaks and previews, the MEIZU 16th is finally here! Today we're coming to Beijing Performance Center to witness the coming of this annual highlight in smartphoen industry! We'll be updating this when the launch event begins at 2:30pm (GMT+8) this afternoon. So keep refreshing and scrolling!

The launch event is finished, but our forum will present more 16th-related contents, stay tuned! 
16发布会keynote 8.8-彩排前的副本.009.jpeg

As the annual flagship, 16th has a dual-rear camera of 12MP+20MP which uses SONY IMX380, which is far better than the mainstream flagship's IMX363. Also, 16th uses the smallest ever front camera. VIVO NEX uses the same size front camera, but its 8MP, however 16th's front camera is 20MP! Working with auto HDR, ArcSoft 5.0 beautification, and the smart AI optimizaiton, the 16th can deliver the best photos that can be produced by a smartphone ever! Also 16th added portrait mode for front camera. 16发布会keynote 8.8-最终真价格的副本.001.jpeg    16发布会keynote 8.8-最终真价格的副本.004.jpeg 16发布会keynote 8.8-最终真价格的副本.005.jpeg 16发布会keynote 8.8-最终真价格的副本4.001.jpeg    16发布会keynote 8.8-最终真价格的副本.006.jpeg 16发布会keynote 8.8-最终真价格的副本.007.jpeg 16发布会keynote 8.8-最终真价格的副本.008.jpeg 16发布会keynote 8.8-最终真价格的副本.009.jpeg 16发布会keynote 8.8-最终真价格的副本.011.jpeg 16发布会keynote 8.8-最终真价格的副本.012.jpeg    16发布会keynote 8.8-最终真价格的副本.014.jpeg 16发布会keynote 8.8-最终真价格的副本.015.jpeg 16发布会keynote 8.8-最终真价格的副本.016.jpeg 16发布会keynote 8.8-最终真价格的副本.017.jpeg 16发布会keynote 8.8-最终真价格的副本.018.jpeg 16发布会keynote 8.8-最终真价格的副本.019.jpeg 16发布会keynote 8.8-最终真价格的副本.020.jpeg 16发布会keynote 8.8-最终真价格的副本2.001.jpeg 16发布会keynote 8.8-最终真价格的副本2.002.jpeg

As all MEIZU phones, 16th's success also comes from the optimization of Flyme. To provide a better experience, 16th's Flyme is based on Anroid O. With the new Super Swipe, Super mBack, and the new full-screen interactions, 16th is 25% faster than OPPO Find X, 26% faster than VIVO NEX, 12% faster than OnePlus 6, and 18% faster than MI8. flyme.001.jpeg 1200_628.001.jpeg 1200_628.002.jpeg
Super mBack now becomes a transparant bottom line, and the operation is pretty much the same as the old mBack. 1200_628.003.jpeg

Besides Super mBack, we provided another gesture called Full-screen Interactions. In future columns we will introduce the feature more specifically.
Before the launch, J. Wong already revealed a looooot of details, however we still have so much to share in this launch!
16发布会keynote 8.8-彩排前的副本.001.jpeg 16发布会keynote 8.8-彩排前的副本.002.jpeg 16发布会keynote 8.8-彩排前的副本.003.jpeg

As the leak goes, MEIZU 16 has a Snapdragon845 processor, however what the leak didn't say was this processor is a top version of SD845 with 10 nm FinFET process, 2.8Ghz CPU clock speed with 30% improved GPU energy efficiency.
16发布会keynote 8.8-彩排前的副本.004.jpeg 16发布会keynote 8.8-彩排前的副本.005.jpeg   
The network connection still matters, it's the core of a phone. With the new 2x2 MIMO WiFi and 4x4 MIMO LTE connections, the speed will improve immensely. Also with Bluetooth 5.0, now you will receive a CD-level quality when connect to a speaker!
16发布会keynote 8.8-彩排前的副本.007.jpeg 16发布会keynote 8.8-彩排前的副本.008.jpeg

As for the design, let's take a look at recently-released phones... well...
16发布会keynote 8.8-彩排前的副本.010.jpeg 16发布会keynote 8.8-彩排前的副本.011.jpeg

What we really want is a well-designed innovation. The 16th screen-body ratio reaches an astonishing 91.18%! And the top and bottom is completely symmetrical! No notches, no lop-sided edge!
16发布会keynote 8.8-彩排前的副本.012.jpeg 16发布会keynote 8.8-彩排前的副本.017.jpeg

Apart from the specifications, the touch and feel of 16 is also premium! The phone is so light and smooth, as a SD845 flagship with 3010mAh battery, the phone weighs only 152g!
16发布会keynote 8.8-彩排前的副本.009.jpeg

To achieve this amazing design, we brought under-display fingerprint in this phone! And 16th's under-display recognizing rate is astonishingly high, 99.12% is the highest rate in the industry.
16发布会keynote 8.8-彩排前的副本.013.jpeg    16发布会keynote 8.8-彩排前的副本.015.jpeg 16发布会keynote 8.8-彩排前的副本.016.jpeg   

Here we comes!
Meizu fans waiting and the venue awaiting!

图片.png 粘贴图片.png ZJW_9293.jpg

16发布会keynote 8.8-彩排前的副本.018.jpeg