2016-05-23 07:29

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Does anyone know, or can explain why I cannot get (MX5PRO) 'tap and pay' to work on my phone?Here in UK, or even Israel, or USA or any European city I visit, it fails to work? It is impossible to input a credit card. It is as if the phone is not trusted by Google or the banks / I do not understand why.
I have Meizu phones from my lovely M9, to MX, MX2, MX4PRO days and now this 5PRO.
When is it likely to work?

If you already have a PRO 5 and want to change to Ubuntu,
Is that possible?  Mine is a G version bought in HK?

If one can just download, or pay and download and install, please tell me where to look, as the 'tap and pay' function on all G software does not work.
I want to try Ubuntu to see if tap and pay works on that software.

Does anyone know if 'PAY' works on PRO5 Ubuntu?