[Flyme]Flyme 7 Lite update cancelled



2018-07-23 00:59

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According to Meizu Flyme 7 update is cancelled for (M5, M5s, M2 Note, MX5, M3s)  Cause of some stability problems Why meizu we deserve that update you just can't cancel it ,at least give us some beta or chinese update . we want to try flyme 7 too and you still don't have bootloader unlock method so you want us to stay in buggy flyme 7 forever. i just bought a new meizu device to try flyme 7 i can't afford a high end device so i bought M5. now you can't do this to your users

Moderators please answer us why we can't have Flyme 7 Lite

If anyone of you also want bootloader unlock tool please support me http://forum.flymeos.com/thread-44962-1-1.html