[NEW] How pop-up camera works used by vivo? Know by Video without search.



2018-07-19 21:14

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xiaomi-mi-mix-3-popi-up-camera-vivo-nex-brevetto-banner.jpg IMG_20180719_134837.jpg
Hey guys, As we know from last few times there is a trend of In-display fingerprint scanners and and hidden camera in smartphone world, As we know vivo had announced its hidden camera & In-display fingerprint scanner in their devices, so market is very tight, As per leaks, meizu is also going to introduce In-display fingerprint scanner in meizu 16 - meizu 16 plus, and hope it will bring some great ideas as always...

As we know in Vivo Nex there is Pop-up camera which is the main highlight of the device, so today I'll going to explain simple mechanism behind it....

   Vivo-NEX-Teardown-19-740x493(1).jpg Vivo-NEX-Teardown-17-e1529852015950(1).jpg S80719-183059(1).jpg

As per above images there is Stepper motor-screw mechanism, in which it simply pushes the camera portion to up and down. Here all work is because of that DC motor and screw.
As shown in the video, As we opens camera screw rotates and it pushes the portion of camera and camera turns on. And as we close app, screw rotates anticlockwise direction by stepper motor...

Here is video

The same Idea is in the Oppo's Find X,


Here is Two small spindle screw rotates and moves up and down and Whole panel works as shown in images.

So this way the camera mechanism works.

What do you think meizu will follow this idea or will make its own new innovation. ?

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